What Is Virtual Private Network (VPN) and why do we need it?


There is no doubt that you are playing with fire every time you are on the internet. There are over 155 million internet users that were affected due to the data exposure.

Do you know how the people are getting the victim of the snoopers and cyber thieves? That’s just because of the online security that most of the users are ignoring.

Now you may be thinking that how other users on the internet are safe. One of the top reasons can be that maybe these people are smart enough and are using VPN.

Well with this article we are going to tell you about the VPN and how you can stay safe by using it.

Let’s move…

What Is Virtual Private Network (VPN) and why do we need it?

VPN that is short for Virtual Private Network is a software application that builds an encrypted tunnel between your network and the internet. This results in passing your online data in an encrypted form.

VPN also hides your real IP address so that you can browse the internet anonymously and privately.

Need of A VPN

The need of the VPN depends on the user to user, you can use a VPN to:

  1. Hide your data and get protection against the prying eyes.
  2. Want to bypass the geo-restriction to access the restricted websites.
  3. VPN for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitch, Hulu, Disney+, and to watch content on another streaming channel.
  4. Browse the internet will full anonymity and privacy.
  5. You are connected with public Wi-Fi for online shopping or accessing your private and confidential emails.

These are some of the common situations when you can use the VPN.

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Does A Virtual Private Network (VPN) Protect You From Hackers In 2021?

VPN builds an encrypted tunnel so that all your online data will be pass through it in an encrypted form. This makes it so difficult for data hackers and for snoopers to read any of your online data. Even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) looks into your data.

By using the best VPN for business , you are minimizing your risk of hacking by increasing your online security. However, it depends upon the type of cyber-attack and VPN how strong they are.

VPN protects you from phishing attacks and keeps your network secure by disallowing hackers to track your emails.

Does A VPN Protect You From Viruses?

VPN aims to protect you from online threats but it can’t protect you against viruses and malware. Even the top industry-leading VPNs are limited to protect you from physical viruses.

You should always remember that a VPN works entirely differently from an anti-virus.

Let me ask you something. Do you know how to choose a VPN? Well, our next section is for those who don’t have an idea of picking the right VPN.

How Can I Choose a VPN?

Choosing a VPN is not hard until you know your needs and wants.

  1. Number Of Servers – If you are looking for a VPN for streaming and to access geo-restricted websites then you should choose a VPN with the number of servers.
  2. Privacy & Security – Your data is very important and you don’t want it to be leaked then you should pick a VPN by looking at the security and privacy policy. A VPN with a no-logs policy is always a better choice.
  3. Additional Features – You are buying the VPN but check out what are some of those features that are useful for you. If you just want to VPN or you are a beginner then you can also use a VPN with a limited number of features.
  4. Device Compatibility – Some of you might want the VPN to use it on other devices like Smart TV, router, or gaming consoles. If so then look for the supportable platforms that the VPN offers.
  5. Money-Back Guarantee – There are sometimes when you don’t want to use the VPN after purchasing. With the money-back guarantee policy, you can buy the VPN risk-free.
  6. Pricing Plan – User with limited budget should choose a VPN that they can easily afford it. However, sometimes you can also make them pocket-friendly using coupons and discounts.

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  1. Customer Support – This is one of the most important points to consider while choosing a VPN. Select a VPN that has a good customer support system.


VPNs are one of the great ways to get protection against cyber-attacks. But you shouldn’t rely completely on the VPN for your online security.

With the help of a VPN, you can secure your online data in an encrypted form with the encryption technology that the VPN has. This avoids the risk of online threats from cyber criminals and increases the value of the VPN.

I hope by reading this article you got to know how you can protect yourself from the trap of cyber-attacks.