What are the ways that damage the online reputation?


It takes years of hard work to build a reputation and a few minutes to ruin that. It is the digital world where internet and online platforms become the essential part of our lives. It is crucial for every company to make a presence on these online platforms that brings the online reputation in picture.

Online reputation management manages the overall reputation of the brand on the internet that includes promoting, monitoring, and responding to the comments of the clients. Surprisingly, there are mistakes or factors that can ruin the online reputation of the brand that doesn’t include client’s anger.

Mistakes that can kill online reputation of the brand

Defensive against negative comments

Nobody likes negative feedback or comments, whether it comes out of outrage, insult or constructive criticism. Nobody wants to hear bad things about their business or services. We all want to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our services.

It is very important to respond to negative comments in the most positive way without being rude, arrogant, or insulting them that create a positive impact on the customer. The person should take accountability of what went wrong and what he can offer to make the things right with the client.

It is crucial to respond to negative comments to get the positive impact and maintain a legacy while doing so to save the existing client and get the potential clients. Online reputation management helps in doing so and creates a good impact in the most influential way.  

Fake testimonials and reviews

The biggest mistake people make is posting false reviews and feedback for competitors or for themselves. This practice is unethical and the person may be caught either by review site manager, client, or the competitor. It will impact the image of the business in the long run that contains various risks:

  • Credibility of the company can be ruined completely when the client checks the false reviews. Anyone can make out the difference between the reality and fake reviews
  • One can face Legal Consequences if he’s compensating or paying someone for endorsements. This practice is directly prohibited by the Federal Trade Commission. Creating fake reviews can lead you to the court.
  • Review sites can be banned for the specific client which is the source of getting traffic in terms of gaining new clients. Posting fake reviews can lead you to the risk of removing the reviews and even getting the company cut off completely from these traffic and lead generation sites.

Online reputation management asks the client to leave a comment, review their services, or give any feedback to improve the business that creates a sense of importance among the customers, and they promote the business by discussing or leaving a comment.  


These are a few mistakes that can kill the brand image or online reputation of the company. The business may earn on a short term but can end up in big problems with a long term bad image of the business. Online reputation management helps in getting rid of these problems and creating a positive and fruitful impact of the services of the business.