What Are the Health Benefits of Playing Basketball?


In 2019, there were more than 24 million people who participated in basketball in the United States.

Basketball is a fun team sport that involves endurance, precision, and practice.

If you are on the fence about playing basketball, consider all of the benefits that will make you want to grab a ball.

Continue reading to discover all of the benefits of playing basketball on a team or just for fun!

Helps Burn Calories

There are many benefits of playing basketball and one of the most important is that it helps burn calories.

Jumping, running, and shooting hoops can all burn calories and help you maintain a healthy weight. Even while you aren’t on the court, playing basketball can help in your downtime. Many people recommend playing basketball in the morning so that calories can be burned throughout the day.

The larger the court that you are playing on, the more calories you will burn in a game. Keep in mind that you will have to consume more calories in a day to meet the physical demands of playing a sport.

Strengthens & Builds Muscle

Playing basketball involves a variety of muscle groups that must work together and grow.

To be a good basketball player, you will have to work on cardio and muscle training. Doing chest presses, pull-ups, and push-ups can increase core and arms strength. These muscles will need to grow as you play so that you can meet the physical demands of the game.

Both the upper and lower body are important when playing basketball. You will end up strengthening your muscles at each game and practice. During your downtime, it will be important to give your body time to rest and recover so that the muscles can continue to grow.

Increases Endurance

One of the best physical benefits of basketball is that you can increase endurance.

Basketball involves stamina, strength, and agility. All of these skills are worked on when you go up and down the court, constantly changing directions. Even playing basketball casually, you will still utilize high-intensity and short-duration muscle contractions.

By working these muscles, you will be able to increase endurance and get down the court at a quicker pace.

If you want to increase your endurance, even more, read more here about how the right shoes can help. Finding the best basketball shoes will make you more efficient and comfortable on the court.

Improves Coordination & Balance

If you want to learn how to get better at basketball, coordination and balance are crucial.

Basketball utilizes both foot and hand-eye coordination. When you are dribbling the ball down the court, you must see where the ball is and meet your hand with it at the correct timing. You will also work on foot coordination as you adjust your speed and work around dribbling the ball.

Coordination will also be developed and improved as you quickly change directions and jump. You will learn how to jump and pivot without falling over. Those that lack coordination skills will be motivated to enhance their abilities.

Good for the Heart

Another excellent reason for playing basketball is that it will keep your heart healthy.

Playing basketball can increase resting heart rates, which is good for your overall fitness. Physical activity also helps keep heart disease and illness away while the muscle continues to strengthen. Keeping your heart rate up is important when growing endurance and playing in games.

Although basketball can increase heart rates to rise, it is still beneficial. This is because your body requires a different heart rate when your body isn’t at rest. The chances of you having a stroke will also decrease the more that you participate in basketball.

Refines Fundamental Movement Skills

Both fine and gross motor skills will be put to the test when you start playing basketball.

Many people recommend signing kids up for basketball because it helps develop and refine these skills. Gross motor skills pertain to large muscle movements, this can include things like running and walking. Fine motor skills revolve around the smaller muscles that help you manipulate objects.

Running around and jumping will refine gross motor skills for you or your child, especially at a young age. If smaller muscles are difficult to manipulate, dribbling the ball will be beneficial. There are many other ways that these motor skills can be developed through cardio and weight training.

Builds Stronger Bones

Did you know that playing basketball can help you build strong bones?

Playing this sport will increase your bone mineral density. This will come in handy because it helps prevent fractures and broken bones that could easily happen when falling and hitting the court. People that don’t play basketball and live a sedentary lifestyle have weaker bones that aren’t as supportive.

As your bones get stronger from physical exercise and proper diet, you will be less likely to break them during a game.

Another way that your bones will benefit from playing basketball is that you will be improving your spatial awareness. By working on hand-eye coordination, you will have better control of how and where your limbs move.

Explore the Benefits of Playing Basketball

There are many benefits of playing basketball that will help convince you to play.

By utilizing this guide, you can discover all of the things that make this exhausting and exhilarating sport worth playing. Not only does basketball help improve your physical health, but it also helps your mental health. The constant movement and teamwork will work every muscle of your body from your brain to your toes.

Don’t be afraid to get involved with a team or to play with other people in the neighborhood.

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