Benefits of Virtual Exhibition Booth


With the rise in virtual event trends, virtual exhibition booths have become phenomenally popular. Today, every virtual exhibition has a 3D setup of virtual exhibition booths to showcase their product offerings to attendees. These booths facilitate attendees to interact and network with the booth representative in real-time, just like physical booths in any exhibition.

A virtual exhibition booth stimulates the experiences of live physical booths in a visually captivating virtual environment. Thus, enabling attendees to visit event booths right from their remote location via any device.

The flexibility and the ability to create seamless user experiences have upsurged the demand for virtual exhibition booths. They offer enormous opportunities to sponsors and exhibitors and effortlessly deliver an immersive experience to attendees. Virtual exhibition booths have made it possible for attendees to experience different brands and their products right from their comfort.

With the outspread of the global corona virus pandemic, virtual exhibitions have gained prominence in the market. Traditional ways of organizing exhibitions have been transformed into a digital medium. Virtual exhibition booths are a significant part of any online exhibition to generate maximum leads and revenues.

As virtual booths are digital in nature, they offer a list of enormous benefits that help exhibitors to boost the flow of revenues. If you have not yet thought about instilling virtual exhibition booths in your online events, think about it before it’s too late. In this blog post, we have enumerated some top benefits of virtual exhibition booths. Let’s get started!

Top 7 Benefits of Having Virtual Exhibition Booths in Your Online Exhibition

      1. Extended Global reach

Virtual exhibition booths allow you to reach your potential prospects globally no matter where they are located without any geographical barrier. You can reach a wide spectrum of global attendees instantly with virtual booths.

To attract more attendees, you can simply share your virtual booth links on the event landing page. It helps in attracting potential attendees instantly.

     2. Enhance Brand Recall Value

The concept of organising 3D virtual exhibition booths in a virtual environment is quite intriguing in the exhibition industry. It helps in creating memorable and seamless experiences for attendees that they remember in the long run.

With the advancements in technology, today virtual exhibition booths have various modes of interactions right from live 1:1 chat with booth representatives during an event, scheduling a call with booth staff as per preferred time slot, social media integration to third-party app integration like WhatsApp to have conversions in future as well.

These user-friendly experiences created by virtual exhibition helps in enhancing your brand recall value. Thus, making your attendees remember you for a long time. Additionally, if you build a loyal fanbase by immersive experiences, your current customers will act as brand advocates and do word-of-mouth marketing during your other events, on social media platforms, and to their friends and daily. However, it will result in enhancing brand recall value and creating awareness about your brand.

     3. Seamless Navigation

Navigating virtual exhibition booths is much easier than navigating booths in a physical exhibition. You need to cross through the crowd of thousands of people to visit an exhibition booth of your interest in physical exhibitions. Whereas virtual exhibition booths can be visited easily at your own convenience via any device. It enables attendees to look out for any product and services offered by the exhibitor or brand instantly. Attendees simply have to click the virtual booth they wish to visit and there they are within a fraction of seconds.

    4. Generate Qualified Leads

Virtual exhibitions have a wider reach and can be accessed by a wide spectrum of global audiences. So do virtual exhibition booths. It enables interested prospects around the world to visit your exhibition booth virtually right from their remote locations.

With virtual exhibitions, attendees are no longer required to pack travel bags and book tickets and accommodation or do any important paperwork. Virtual exhibition booths can be visited right from the comfort of homes and do not have any such hassle involved. However, it results in accelerating the chances of people visiting your virtual booth. That is a lot more than physical ones.

However, as more people visit your virtual exhibition booth, the chances of generating more qualified leads are high. Unlike physical booths, virtual booths can stay for many days. Thus resulting in more traffic on a daily basis. It subsequently escalates the chances of generating more leads and revenues.

    5. Better Interaction, Sales Experience & Impact

Virtual exhibition booths give a 360-degree immersive experience to attendees. It helps in creating better sales experiences and leaves a lasting impact on attendees. Virtual exhibition booths facilitate attendees to interact with booth representatives with just a few clicks. These booths enable attendees to gain knowledge about the product by downloading a document and having a 1:1 conversation with a booth representative in a virtual space. However, resulting in delivering immersive and seamless sales experiences.

Additionally, virtual exhibition booths give flexibility to exhibitors to embed video displays, add more info to the product by attaching text or graphics, and so on. It helps in enhancing user experiences thus making your brand and products memorable.

    6. Real-time Event Analytics

With virtual exhibitions, you can simply track the complete data of your event effortlessly which is not possible with live physical events. The only way to track the data at physical events is either by looking at the registrations or the information shared by interested people. Whereas with virtual exhibitions, you can monitor and track each and every move of your digital attendees. It offers a valuable data tracking facility that makes it easy for you to measure event success.

You can keep a track of various data such as

  • of registrations
  • Audience demographics
  • Each attendee’s time spent on a virtual booth
  • Their interaction topics/agenda
  • Things they shared and downloaded
  • Elements and hotspots that grabbed the attention of maximum visitors
  • Hotspots and virtual booths that did not engage attendees at all
  • Documents that are mostly downloaded and read by users
  • Which virtual booths have maximum engagements and much more.

By tracking the relevant data, you can generate real-time event analytics reports. It will help you in understanding your audience’s behavior and know the impediment to work on for future exhibitions.

    7.  Can Be Hosted 24*7 & Available On-Demand

Information on Virtual booths can be available on-demand. Attendees who miss out on attending a virtual exhibition due to busy chores or strict official deadlines can easily access the content on-demand. Additionally, virtual exhibition booths can be hosted 24*7. You can define the timeline as per your preference. Attendees who missed out on your Live exhibition can visit your virtual exhibition booth anytime as per their convenience and as long as it’s available online. These booths can be always available for business as per your brand preference. These virtual event booths closely simulate the experience of live physical exhibition booths and are open for attendees round the clock. It offers businesses enormous opportunities to scale their presence and create brand awareness. Thus, resulting in increasing chances for generating leads and client conversion.

Wrapping It Up:-

With the advancements in technology, hosting virtual exhibitions with 3D virtual exhibition booths has come in trend. The benefits offered by virtual exhibition booths are many. Right from enhanced brand recall value to generating quantum leads. In the above-mentioned article, we have amalgamated a few top merits of having a virtual exhibition booth in your online exhibition. Hope the above-mentioned information gives you an insight into the importance of having virtual booths in an exhibition. If you have not yet thought about it, what are you waiting for? Leverage the power of virtual exhibition booths and accelerate your sales and generate revenues.