Go for Vintage Cabinets to Design Retro Chic Style Kitchen at Home


Designing the interior of your kitchen can be the most exciting personal assignment you can have. No matter whether it is in your new home, you are planning a kitchen interior renovation or placing new appliances like a portable pizza oven, vintage looking coffee maker etc, you can be as excited as possible in any case. It will be like seeing your vision come to life. So, are you ready?

Designing your kitchen interior will be a little tricky than how the glossy magazines always describe it. And if you are a new homeowner, doing it for the first time, then you need to understand how you can establish amazing functionality in your kitchen. At the same time, you also need to make sure that your kitchen looks stunning, warm and welcoming. So, how can you do that? Take a look at the following points and get inspired.

Set the Stage

When you will get your kitchen, all constructed, it will be like a blank canvas. So, first, you need to set the stage. How? First, plan the layout of your kitchen. The layout of the kitchen will include the placement of all fixtures, how you will move around the kitchen, the work triangle, and where you or your family will sit for their meals.

In any American household, it is important to plan a place for sitting as in the kitchen, families take their important meals, like breakfast or dinner. Hence, this should be included in the layout too. So, plan it accordingly. Keep in mind that your work triangle should put your ovens, sink and refrigerator at an equal distance from each one.  This will increase the convenience for you to work in the kitchen.

Choose the Cabinets

The biggest and the most dominant fixture of your kitchen is the cabinets you will be choosing. There can be hundreds of kitchen cabinets wholesaler MN who can help you get the perfect one for your kitchen. If you are trying to make your kitchen look retro and chic, you should go for vintage cabinets. When you are doing that, go for white. White is a versatile color. And that is why your premium quality vintage cabinets will be your best option. These ones will be suitable with any décor style you pick. It will be perfect for the vintage look of the 1940s as well as for a transitional look that can be a mix of both classy and modern.

Choose the Right Hardware

Now, while we are talking about the vintage appeal of your kitchen that will remind you of old designs and a chic vibe, go for the right hardware. This should be in perfect synch with your vintage white kitchen cabinets. For that, you can go for bronze or copper hardware. Ditch the steel or black hardware for this style. Bronze will add a matt look to the kitchen and keep a balance in appeal.

While you are going for handles of your cabinets, go for the simpler styles instead of any intricate designs. The retro and chic era of the ‘40s and ‘50s used to be the time of simpler things. So, stick to that. And make sure you are getting your hands on the right type of faucet which will be bronze and in synch with the hardware you are choosing for your cabinetry too.

Chrome Colored Appliance

Even though the vibe and the mood of the kitchen are retro and chic, you surely want modern functionality in your kitchen. Hence, the modern and updated appliances will be there too. Now, as it is a kitchen where you are reviving the charm of the 40s, make sure you are getting your hands on some chrome-colored appliances too. These appliances will create the perfect balance with your white-colored kitchen cabinets in vintage style. These will add a beautiful and classy contrast to your kitchen while keeping up with the retro vibe.

Terrazzo Flooring and Beige Wall

The flooring of your kitchen is also important. In the 1940s, the terrazzo tiles used to be very popular among homeowners. These are made of marble, glass and quartz, and epoxy. This is a highly customizable product and it will help you get the desired look in your kitchen. And juxtaposed with your white cabinets, this will create a magical contrasting look.

The beige wall is the best option for such a kitchen. It will be bright, light and cheerful. Don’t think of the monotony as you are already throwing in a lot of contrasting elements that will make your kitchen quite a vibrant place. If you are willing to add a touch of shine in your kitchen, go for a white square tiles backsplash too.

Let There Be Light

Without the lights, a kitchen like this will be incomplete. If possible, make sure there is a huge window or a French window in your kitchen. Natural light will make this place amazing. If not, then go for artificial brighter lights. Choose steampunk style as it resonates with a retro vibe.

So, now as you know how your retro kitchen will be complete, what are you waiting for? Find the best stores for getting all these and start your work.