UV pool systems:-Sanitisation with the frequency of UV spectrum


Science technology takes a big part in our life to make it smoother and comfortable. Alongside the security purposes and all types of health, protections are also totally depended on it.

So, you can consider our lifeline as streamline flow, onto the boat of lifestyle is sailing on the oar of technology and its assessments.

About the product:-

With the help of the frequencies of the different light rays, there are several experiments done. As an example, we can take up the inventions done with the use of infrared technology in the radio-controlled or radioactivity purposes.

On the other hand, laser technology- the most significant success has made up the science and technical ground more relishing in the field of treatments and other critical operating cases like that the UV rays are as one of the tremendous success of the technology.

What is a UV pool system?

Nowadays, most of the big hotels, resorts and mansions are very much likely to have their swimming pools within the perimeter of their properties. Now it is quite apparent that the banks are often uncovered so that the water could match up with the adaptation of changing climates.

Now, due to the unveiling conditions, sometimes the water gets dirty or gets infected with various types of bacterial movements of infections. Due to unmaintained, irregularities generally cause these things.

As the right solution for this infection problem, science has gifted the human world with the newest addition of innovative creation- UV pool systems. It is nothing but a tube within which the spectrums of ultraviolet rays are passing by.

This tube-shaped system is for the cleanliness of pools and all with the lower state chemical level of chloramine and chlorine, present in the UV ray to make the water of the pool safer healthy and clean.

How does the UV pool system work?

Most of the cases, the pools often rely on the same chemical element, which is using for long periods. But here is a massive consequence is present as the chemical usage may cause your skin irritations or eye infections. But along with the creation of the UV pool systems, this problem is almost solved.

  1. The UV pool system is installed in a way so that the water could pass from the pool filtration first, and then it comes under the ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Then the pool water passes across a graphite chamber where the UV ray acts to destroy the bacteria, parasites and all.
  3. Most of the cleaning system includes the usage of chlorine. UV ray system conducts chemical compounds like chloramine and other co-valence chemical entities related to chlorine.
  4. According to the researchers, the usage of new technologies- especially, UV technology could make your work more sorted and comfortable as those spectra system triple-action inserted in it can break the vicious cycle swelling alongside the pool chemicals.
  5. It can destroy almost 99.5% of pathogenic infections of your pool. But here is also a little disadvantage is present- extra usage of UV pool system could be a reason to harm your body, as the excessive UV light radiations are not a good impact at all for the human body and skin.
  6. The presence of Chloramine and Chlorine is the main reason which helps to prevent bacterial infection, and this chemical solution helps to resolve the cleanliness of the pool.
  7. The total efficiency of the system depends on the tube size and how many gallons of water you want to sanitize together in a while.

Benefits for the installation of UV pool system:-

  1. The UV pool system ensures that your pool is clear of harmful bacterial infections of parasites movements.
  2. It requires significantly less number of chemicals.
  3. Easily affordable, the price varies upon the brands.
  4. This system is safer than the primary usage of chemicals.
  5. It needs low maintenance as the product is very much durable.
  6. It is registered as one of the best cleaning technologies.

Disadvantages of the UV pool system:-

Alongside several beneficial sides, this ultraviolet cleaning system causes some disadvantages as well, which is known as, UV pool system disadvantage.

  1. The filtration only happens whenever the water is under UV light radiation, which concludes it as one of the UV pool system disadvantages. As during sanitation the radiating light often misses some of the infective bacteria, which can get into the water back after the whole sanitation.
  2. The effectiveness of the UV ray becomes less with time, so you need to replace the light tube from time to time.
  3. The main problem of UV pool system disadvantages is the harmful sides of UV radiation. The excessive radiation moderates a bunch of skin and eye-related diseases such as skin cancer, carcinoma infections or eye cancers.
  4. You need to filtrate often the piping systems through which the water passes back into the swimming pool. This UV pool disadvantage involves chemical clearness too.


Every type of products contains their respective pros and cons, so if you are planning to opt an UV pool in your home, you can absolutely go for it. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to ignore those sides for which the UV pool disadvantages can make a trouble in your regular usage.

So, to live healthy and hygienic it is undoubtedly a great approach about the installation of the UV pool system for your pool’s cleanliness purposes.

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