How Useful is Turmeric for Hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are inflamed or swollen veins in the lower rectum and anus. It can cause symptoms like discomfort, bleeding, and itching. Turmeric for hemorrhoids as treatment may include controlling inflammation, discomfort, and swelling.

If hemorrhoids are left untreated, they can lead to painful bowel movements and even bleeding in some cases. Hemorrhoids are caused for a plethora of reasons. Diet without substantial fiber, long hours in the toilet, or excessive straining during a bowel movement can cause hemorrhoids.

Conventional and herbal treatments are quite effective in treating constipation. Clinical studies recommend using turmeric to recover from hemorrhoids. Turmeric can help you heal faster due to its capabilities to treat bacterial infections.

Coconut Oil for Hemorrhoids

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to reduce swelling and inflammation. The analgesic properties of coconut, when accompanied by turmeric, can offer great relief from hemorrhoids.

Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which, when combined with coconut oil, can do wonders. Applying a mixture of coconut oil and turmeric to external hemorrhoids can help to reduce swelling. Use a tissue or cotton ball to apply the mixture directly.

You can also add coconut oil to your daily diet. Use it instead of mustard oil or butter to heal from hemorrhoids internally. The laxative effect of coconut oil can help to provide relief from straining during your bowel movements.

How effective are vitamins for hemorrhoids?

Besides using turmeric, changing your diet can help you deal with hemorrhoids. Cutting down on alcohol and fatty foods can reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids. You can include vitamin C in your diet to maintain the integrity of the veins.

Vitamin C works as a stool softener by soaking water in your intestines. You can consume foods rich in vitamin C or take readily available supplements.

Studies suggesting the effectiveness of Turmeric for Hemorrhoids

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of turmeric for hemorrhoids. After a hemorrhoid treatment, turmeric can help to reduce pain and boost the healing process. A study showed that people consuming turmeric after hemorrhoids took fewer pain medications.

Another study revealed that consuming turmeric offered a better result than antibiotic treatments. For thousands of years, various studies have supported the use of turmeric to treat hemorrhoids.

Benefits of Turmeric for Hemorrhoids

Turmeric is believed to be a blessing for people with hemorrhoids. Both internal or external hemorrhoids can lead to rectal bleeding. Applying a paste of turmeric, mustard oil, and onion juice can stop itchiness and bleeding caused by hemorrhoids.

Curcumin, the bioactive component of turmeric, is responsible for its therapeutic properties. Turmeric is rich in antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic, and antiviral properties. You can apply various turmeric paste topically or consume it directly to recover from hemorrhoids.

Turmeric Remedies to Heal from Hemorrhoids

    1. Turmeric with Petroleum Jelly

Turmeric helps to reduce the inflammation that causes hemorrhoids. Mixing turmeric and petroleum jelly in equal proportions will provide relief. Applying the ointment before your bowel movement can help you overcome the pain of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids can cause fissures, which adds to the discomfort. The mixture of petroleum jelly and turmeric will assist in the fast healing of hemorrhoids. The petroleum jelly offers extraordinary lubrication to the anus and rectum, allowing the stool to pass quickly.

    2. Turmeric with Ghee

Applying a paste of ghee and turmeric can ease the discomfort of hemorrhoids. Using this mixture for three consecutive days before sleep can reduce inflammation of the rectum. Provide a break of two days and continue the cycle again until you are cured of hemorrhoids.

    3. Aloe Vera and Turmeric

Turmeric and aloe vera as a home remedy for hemorrhoids is known to show visible results. Mixing aloe vera gel and turmeric in a 1.5:1 ratio can help you heal faster from hemorrhoids. Apply the paste topically before bed every day until the discomfort is gone.

Turmeric will reduce inflammation, swelling, and fissures. Aloe Vera will help to soothe your inflamed veins associated with hemorrhoids.

     4. Turmeric, Mustard oil & Onion

The combination of onion juice, mustard oil, and Aloe Vera is believed to be the best herbal remedy to stop Hemorrhoid. This paste may help in stopping the bleeding within one hour. To get started with this remedy, take onion juice, mustard oil, and turmeric.

Make its fine paste that applied topically. You should apply it 2-3 tablespoons after every 30 minutes if you are suffering awfully from the condition.

Final Thoughts

Most topical creams for hemorrhoids contain turmeric because of its antibacterial properties. Using turmeric as a home remedy can effectively soothe the swelling from hemorrhoids. However, you should be careful while applying a turmeric hemorrhoids paste as it can stain your clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do you get rid of internal hemorrhoids?

If your doctor sees the internal hemorrhoids, then don’t panic. This often goes ways own, but few treatment plans should be added to prevent internal damage and future risk. Your treatment plan usually depends on your symptoms.

If the symptoms are mild, opting for home remedies is enough.  The turmeric hemorrhoids home remedies might include turmeric, eating fruits, drinking plenty of water, and trying not to strain the rectum.

However, if you have large hemorrhoids, the doctor might include surgical treatments.

What do doctors prescribe for internal hemorrhoids?

Doctors can treat your internal hemorrhoids with simple medications firstly. If pills don’t work for the patients, they often suggest minor to central surgical processes.

The several treatment options are:

  • Medications: ointments and supplements
  • Laser treatment
  • Radiofrequency hemorrhoid ligation
  • Doppler ligation
  • Surgical procedure
  • Rubber band ligation
  • Infrared coagulation

How do you treat Grade 1 internal hemorrhoids?

When hemorrhoids stick out into the anal, it is called grade 1 internal hemorrhoids. This is a minor Hemorrhoid that only identifies by the doctor in colonoscopy. It does not extend out from the anus.

It fades away after few days itself. If it is left, the primary treatment is to consider medication or follow the turmeric for hemorrhoids home remedies such as eating a rich diet with high fiber, using topical treatments, soaking it well with a warm bath, and taking painkillers.

Is turmeric good for hemorrhoids?

Yes!  Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungus, and anti-microbial properties that naturally reduce pain, swelling, and irritation. Thus, it is also a clinically proven ingredient to treat Hemorrhoids.

Moreover, its anti-bacterial properties can control the spread of germs in the body and keep you safe and healthy from future damage.

How hemorrhoids shrinks fast?

Hemorrhoids can find both inside and outside the anus.  By taking regular medications and following home remedies can help you shrink hemorrhoids fast. However, some turmeric hemorrhoids remedies often work like a pro. So, here are some remedies that can make hemorrhoids normal or tolerable.

  • Use witch hazel to reduce itching and pain
  • Aloe Vera
  • Turmeric
  • Warm bath and salt
  • Ointments
  • Soothing cleaning wipes
  • Cold compression
  • Loose clothing

What is the best product to shrink hemorrhoids?

If you are diagnosed with hemorrhoids, then you should not take enough stress. Many treatment options are available there that help you have a healthy life again.

The product involves over-counter medicines, surgery, prescription methods, and non-surgical methods such as rubber band ligation, Sclerotherapy, and coagulation therapy.

Can turmeric cause internal bleeding?

Turmeric is a powerful remedy to treat minor and major issues. It contains chemical curcumin that might decrease swelling. However, consuming it too high and too low can cause health problems.

Turmeric also acts as a blood thinner, and research has not found proof or published reports on patient’s bleeding after consuming turmeric. However, it may increase the risk if it combined with an anticoagulation drug.