7 Hacks to Transform Your office Interior or Co Working Area


Do you think the interior of your office or co-working area is so outdated? If yes, then it is the right time to transform your old office into a modern one because an out-of-date design can easily ruin the reputation of your working area. All the interior design companies including Exotic Interior studio suggest not to stick with the old-fashioned interiors to keep up with the good name of your brand.

Interior designs have the power to either make or break the status of your office or co-working area. People coming to your cafe for co-working space need more than just good food. They are looking for a working environment that is relaxing and also a good-feel place for them. And the result of the interior design depends on how many perfect decisions you make for the transformation of your office.

Hacks to transform the interiors of your office or co-working area

We understand that the ongoing situation of the pandemic has made it more challenging. However, you will find many people looking for spaces outside their home to spend their working hours.

So, adjusting according to the latest needs will only give you a successful cafe and co-working area story. However, you don’t have to stress out about the transformation of your office because we are providing you 7 hacks to transform your office interior or co-working area into modern design.

  1. Upgrade the systems

For a modern outlook of your office, the first thing is to upgrade all the systems. Dump those old-looking inefficient systems and invest in durable, efficient, and high-quality systems. The old systems work slow with less efficiency and also spoil the complete appearance of the office.

The up-to-date versions will perform the tasks in minutes and that too very precisely and efficiently. Also, upgrade your old printers to the latest version to match with the latest version of systems.

  1. Use art on walls

While going for a modern design for your office or co-working space, don’t forget to focus on the walls. Walls can tell a lot about you and your workplace, so use them to the best. Choose minimal colors to paint the walls and contrast them with one statement wall. Use the walls to promote your brand, decorate the walls with your favorite kind of art or write motivational quotes to keep your employees motivated during working hours.

Make it space where people find their lost motivation. Besides, having a visual art to look at while you are distracted from work can help you get back and re-focus with more precision.

  1. Invest in new furnishings

Putting the comfort of your employees first, get rid of those old and uncomfortable chairs and armchairs. Old furniture becomes uncomfortable as well as awful by its looks and you don’t want them to ruin the modern design of your office or co-working area.

Invest in some modern and comfy chairs and armchairs and before buying the chairs must check that they are adjustable. Don’t forget to buy high-quality furnishings for the special meeting room and make sure that all the things suit the theme of your office or co-working area.

  1. Built-in charging stations

Spend your money in the modern office desks that come with built-in switches and charging stations. The built-in charging stations will make work easier for all your employees. No more tangled wires on the floor and desk because these desks will save the office from the wire’s mess offering a modern as well as tidy appearance to the office.

  1. Increase the lighting

Change the old lights in your office with new white LED lights, not only they will serve the modern purpose but cut your electricity bills as well. Increase the lighting in your office or co-working space because dim lights make the place cozier and you surely don’t want your employees to be sleeping during work hours.

  1. Make it greener

Make your office a bit greener by adding some green plants to the interior. Indoor plants such as Monstera, English Ivy, Peace Lily, and Snake plant can help to create a sense of connectedness in the space where we spend the majority of our time. According to a survey, there are numerous advantages to investing in indoor plants and pots for your commercial area. Adding plants to the office interiors is a modern trend and we are definitely going to follow this amazing trend.

Place big pot plants in almost every corner of your office or co-working area, plants will make the air fresher and the space cooler. Additionally, this what gives your cafe a natural look. People stuck in their homes after the COVID are looking for such beautiful places to be around. It is not only soothing for the mind, but it is overall a healthy place to be. So, make it greener to give your customers what they need right now.

  1. Install coffee makers

Install one or two instant coffee makers in your office or co-working area so that people working there can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee anytime they want. This investment will never go wrong because the fresh aroma of coffee will increase the productivity of people by making their minds fresher, it is no less than a kickstart for a new and refreshing day. This might work like a hack that brings back customers every single day.


Transformation is the forever process and if you are ready to take a plunge, you can always take the advice of interior design companies and transform the old design of your office or co-working area into a modern one.

These above-given hacks will work best for the modern outlook of your workplace interior. Implement these ideas for your workplace modern design, we assure you that you are not going to regret it. If you think, we have missed something, feel free to let us know.