Top 5 Reasons Why Payment Gateway is the Best Solution for an eCommerce


The eCommerce industry has achieved rampant growth over the years by bringing shopping to your doorstep. While the product or service may be great, if you don’t provide multiple online payment options to the customer, the chances of the customer buying your product or service are improbable.

To avoid this, installing an eCommerce payment gateway system to allow customers to make payments online to complete the purchase is the way to go.

It will enable fast and secure payment processing through CNP (card-not-present) transactions. This technology will bring the buyer, seller, and the bank into one secure loop, leaving a clear digital trail for efficient tracking. Let’s discuss the top 5 reasons why payment gateways are essential for eCommerce to flourish in the business world.

Top 5 Reasons for Choosing an eCommerce Payment Gateway

Customers prefer to use less cash and make more online payments in the digital world, reducing their frequent visits to an ATM and purchasing a product or service at their fingertips using their smartphones or laptops. Some of the best payment gateways in India, like Zaakpay, make online payments seamless, allowing customers to purchase without fearing delays or failed transactions.

Although there are many reasons why an eCommerce payment gateway is the best choice for making online payments, the following 5 reasons make it decisive.

  1. Fast and Secured Transaction

The most crucial aspect that makes an eCommerce payment gateway system a must is that it allows fast and secure transactions. Some of the top payment gateway providers like Zaakpay help eCommerce businesses receive payments 50 times faster than traditional payment methods. It means you can offer a better shopping experience to your clients and manage your cash flow without any hassles.

Since accepting payments takes only a few seconds, both seller and buyer have almost zero waiting time making the payment gateway the most preferred option. The whole process of payment gateways goes as per below,

  • The buyer selects the desired product and puts it in the cart.
  • After checking the final price (product price + delivery charges), the check-out option is activated.
  • The buyer selects the payment option and enters the details.
  • The payment gateway will connect the merchant’s website with the bank.
  • The buyer uses the OTP to complete the process.
  • If the transaction is successful, the merchant will receive the payment from the bank, and the buyer will get the invoice for the purchase.
  • The merchant will ship the product, and the buyer will receive it at the doorstep as per the promised delivery date.
  1. Improved Customer Experience

Sometimes a customer will put your product into the shopping cart, but after seeing that their preferred payment option is unavailable, they abandon the purchase and move away. It is a serious problem many eCommerce businesses face, and if not fixed immediately, the brand reputation will be tarnished.

Some of the best payment gateways in India offer various payment options bringing a lot of flexibility, allowing customers to make payments using their favorite option leading to an improved customer experience. This strategy will not only make customers happy but will also make them purchase your products regularly, thereby increasing your business as well as brand value.

  1. Keep up with current trends

Due to the pandemic and social distancing norms, more and more customers in India are using eCommerce platforms to purchase stuff. Currently, there is 74% active eCommerce penetration in India, and payment gateways are making sure the customers make the purchases without any hassles.

Some of the best payment gateways in India, like Zaakpay, are making sure that every payment option available in India is linked to their system to keep up with the current trends and allow the eCommerce business to stay ahead. Some online payment options offer cashback, discounts, etc. If that option is linked to your payment gateway, the customer will use it without hesitation, making your brand grow exponentially.

  1. Fraud Detection

Protecting customers’ personal information from getting leaked either through hacking or other means and chargebacks are significant bottlenecks for eCommerce businesses. An efficient eCommerce payment gateway system will come with features like data encryption, PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance, and online fraud detection. These options provide maximum security to both buyers and sellers from fraud, cyberattacks, etc.

Some payment gateway providers also offer Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV) restrictions to protect businesses from fraudulent online transactions.

  1. Minimum Set Up Costs

Many small and medium-scale business owners feel setting up an eCommerce payment gateway system is a costly affair and affordable only for large companies with high revenue. But it is not true, as some of the best payment gateways in India offer their services with the latest features at affordable prices. Although payment gateways levy some transaction charges and chargeback fees, it is totally justified as they help you grow your business exponentially by bringing in more customers without geographical restrictions.

Even if it is a start-up or a small business enterprise, setting up an efficient payment gateway will give a competitive advantage and widen your customer base with minimum setup cost and maintenance.


The 5 primary reasons for choosing an eCommerce payment gateway discussed above clearly show how it can transform businesses and increase their brand value. Once you partner with the best payment gateways in India, your reach can go from regional to national and even international levels in a short period.

Once you weigh in the risk versus rewards between traditional payment methods and payment gateway, there is no room for any doubts that setting up an eCommerce payment gateway is the only way forward to achieve your business endeavours for a long time, no matter how big or small your enterprise is.