Top 3 Road Trip Ideas for Fall 2021


Are you unsure about your fall vacation plans? One of the best vacation ideas is to take a road trip. And some people will claim that fall is the best time to get on the road.

After all, the summer crowds have dispersed in fall, and you can witness the magical autumnal colors in all their glory. So, it is time to start your road trip plans! Here are three top road trip ideas for fall 2021 to get started.

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway

Virginia to North Carolina

Drive a section or the entire Blue Ridge Parkway. The route connects Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park with North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is often described as ‘America’s favorite drive‘ and one of the top RV trips you can take. It is 469 miles long in total, so you can spend around three to seven days with regular stops. Plus, the speed limit ranges from 25mph to 45mph, so embrace one of the top road trip tips: go slow!

Schedule your vacation plans for the end of September to early October, when the trees burst into red, yellow, and orange hues. There is even a Virginia Dall Foliage festival you can attend and a Little Switzerland to visit along the way.

  1. San Juan Skyway


The San Juan Skyway also makes it onto many lists for top fall RV trips. It is a 236-mile byway loop you can drive in as little as seven hours.

However, if you have an RV and the time, take it slower to enjoy the towns and scenery along the way. Research RV brands to find your perfect vehicle for your ideal fall road trip.

The byway passes through some of Colorado’s most historic sites, such as the towns of Durango and Telluride. You can also visit Mesa Verde National Park, which has a vast collection of prehistoric ruins. It also has five million acres of national forest, making San Juan one of the top road trip ideas for fall.

  1. The Enchanted Circle

New Mexico

If your fall road trip plans are limited to a day or two, consider the Enchanted Circle. It is an 85-mile well-signposted loop that you can complete in several hours. However, as the name suggests, you might want to slow down to enjoy the fall colors a little longer.

You also get to circle New Mexico’s highest peak, Wheeler Peak, which is 13,161 feet. Also, view rocks that are over two billion years old.

If you need more vacation ideas, visit some of the artisans in the area, there is everything from woodwork to pottery and painting.

Try These Road Trip Ideas for Fall

The US is spoilt for choice when it comes to road trip ideas for fall. Wherever you live, there are road trip plans to be made! So, start making your vacation plans today.

Be mindful of fall temperatures, and follow road trip tips regarding safety. And most importantly, drive safe and have a fantastic adventure.

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