The Story of Lee Jung Jae


The Korean film industry has significantly developed over the past few decades. These developments are steered by committed and passionate actors, film producers, and film editors.

However, the actors play a much more significant role in ensuring their films hit the market and make big sales through their exclusive stage management skills, well-organized scenes, and commitment to performance. This article will cover one famous South Korean film actor named Lee Jung Jae. Read on!

About Lee Jung Jae

Lee Jung Jae was born in South Korea in Seoul on 15th December 1972. He enrolled in Dongguk University, where he studied and was awarded a Master’s degree from the university’s theatre and film art department, which is under the graduate school of Cultural arts. Later in the same year, he featured in a film called “Hamlet in water,” where he played the role of titular. Earlier on, he had acted in some films while still in school.

Besides acting, Lee Jung Jae is a renowned business person in South Korea, owning a long chain of restaurants in Seoul. The line of these high-end restaurants is named after his movie, “II Mare.” He is also a founder of a real estate development company that was formed in 2008. To add on, he partners with other film actors like Jung Woo-Sung in many businesses.

 Acting Career

He is a well-known actor who started his journey to the limelight when he first worked as a fashion model. Later on, he moved right to acting on television during the mid-1990s. Since then, his name has been famous in the entire Korean acting industry and the world.

He has acted in many films, and one of the first films is “feelings” in 1994 and later acted in “Sandglass” in 1995. Since then, he has featured in several other famous movies that have hit the world film industry. Some of these hit movies are “The thieves” in2012, “Warriors of dawn” in 2017, and “Deliver us from evil” in 2020. He has also acted in more films, some of which are record-breaking, award-winning while others remain famous just in South Korea.

 The prominent role played by Lee Jung Jae

His first award-winning film was named ” An Affair,” which he acted in 1998, giving him a remarkable breakthrough in the industry. The movie was then followed almost immediately by “City of The Rising Sun”, in which he had to play a very prominent role.

He was awarded the Best Actor Award for the role he played at the Korea Chung Ryong Awards. Most people know him for perfectly playing the antagonist because of the many films he has played in.

However, he is also good at the protagonist role as portrayed by his character Seong Gi Hun in the hit drama “Squid Game.” This character has elevated him to great fame internationally. The fame is evident from his Instagram account which gained 4.9 million followers over a short time. His first Instagram post had over 2 million likes.