Improve Your Structured Data (Schema) With These 7 Tools


Data is a valuable asset for any business or organization. When we talk about structured data or schema markup technically, it is a code that gives search engines the explicit details. Later on, it understands the context and purpose of the content.

Likewise, Schema Markup can help your listings look flawless that can help in getting genuine views, clicks, and review stars.

But before knowing Schema and other tools in detail, let us know what Structured Data is all about?

What is Structured Data

In simple words, structured data is a method or practice to describe your website with content, vocabulary, and coding that helps search engines to understand it better. Further, search engines read the code content and use the same to display results for search specifically in an efficient way. You can easily insert this code on the website anytime. If you are new in this area, then can opt for SEO reseller to understand more about schema.

If you have a website with tones of recipes and dishes then you need to add structured data to your webpage with a dish or recipe, your search results might change. It can make the webpage look perfect and give an enhanced look to the content. You can use rich snippets of food for doing this. In the same way, you can use these snippets for books, movies, reviews, products in online stores.  It simply gives precise and more details to the viewers.

What can you do with it?

With the help of structured data, search engines can understand your website and its content in a much better way. If it’s your recipe page, it helps you to display your recipe ingredients, the time to prepare the same, how many calories, proteins, and fats the dish possesses, and much more.

Creating, analyzing, and managing structured code can be time-consuming and a daunting task. One error in your JSON code sheet can create havoc in the structured data and your listing cannot be validated. Hence, to prevent errors and grow more clicks, impressions and improve SEO results, you can use the 7 best tools. Let’s know them all in detail:

1. Schema App:

Schema App is an eminent and effective tool to make your Google listing look perfect. Schema App helps to plan, test, manage and execute updates and changes in your structured data. The app is cool and enriched with advanced features and elements.

Likewise, the app has an awesome library with details that identify similar properties, and connecting data to make your listing more precise.

One of the benefits of using the Schema app is they define structured data with help of Wikipedia. It is considered to be the best schema resource, management, and analysis tool by businesses and it has all types of structured data. Moreover, it recommends which features and attributes your listings are missing.

2. Merkle structured data tool:

Merkle Structured Data Tool is an ideal option when you want to quickly create organizational FAQs or data. This structured data tool is enriched with basic data types. You can easily generate schema for events, job postings online, or how-to guides, and you can test and copy the same on your website.

This tool lacks modern and advanced structured data, vocabs, and glossaries. Nevertheless, it’s a great tool in every way for a quick to-do list.

3. The RankRanger Structured Data Tool:

This structured data tool is considered one of the most efficient and modern tools you can ever use. It possesses a good variety of data testing types.

For instance, if you need to know more about COVID-19 or lockdown related special announcements from the country authorities, you can get the same. It allows you to copy, reset, test, and validate all your structured data. That’s how amazing this tool is.

4. Hall Analysis Structured Data Tool:

This tool is similar to Merkle’s structured data tool. It has limited structured data types and is only limited to local businesses, events, companies, websites.

You need to copy and paste the code on Google’s structured data tool to make sure the code is working perfectly. Merkle structured data tool at least allows you to test the code there and it also offers more advanced structured data tools.

5. Joomla Plugins:

If you are making use of Joomla, there are mainly two purposeful plugins for structured data. Rich Snippets Vote and Google Structured Data Markup.

Rich Snippets Vote is a classic plugin for Joomla users. This plugin adds perfect structured data support and is compatible with any other plugin.

Whereas, Google Structured Data Markup tool helps your website to improve SEO and enhance the overall look and feel of your website on Google. The score this structured data tool has gained is 86 and plus. These tools make your coding and content work easy. It helps you to detect errors and mistakes. Simply enter a website URL link, or copy, paste the code in the website.

6. WordPress Plugins:

If you have a WordPress website, these plugins will automatically create and deploy the structured data code on your website. There are thousands of plugins similar to these and developed by different independent developers.

Schema App WordPress Plugin has two versions viz free and advanced version. It is highly recommended to use an advanced version for a better result. Moreover, you can get access to multiple features and elements. You can use this plugin in articles, website content, blog product pages, services pages, and review pages.

This plugin helps to enhance the looks of your page and optimize the content too. Another plugin you can use is Schema App Woocommerce Plugin and a few more that are extremely easy to use. You can enable Schema types based on per page or per category.

7. Google’s Rich Results Tool:

Google’s Rich Results Tool assists you to check whether your website or webpage will show richer results by entering the code or link. It has an excellent feature of testing Google smartphones or Googlebot desktops or Google devices. By doing this, it will inform whether your website will be able to show enriching results or not.

You can use Google Structured Data Tool and Google’s Rich Results Tool together to see proper results and errors if any. Google’s Rich Results Tool helps you to get analysis of only a few structured data types. Whereas, Google Structured Data Tool helps in the analysis of every type of Data Structured Tool.

How do these tools help you streamline SEO results?

Making use of the advanced Structures Data Tool can help you to stand out on different Search Engines.

These tools help a business to gain more brand visibility in local as well as international regions. Optimize for the voice search, drive accurate business results, and much more.

Validation is one of the most vital things you can ever get from the Search Engine. The right tools can help you create a neat code. Also, they help you to know the latest trendy SEO result practices. You can make appropriate reports and data strategy and make the work easy.

As the Schema Markup has become a major ranking signal along Google and other search engines, you need to optimize your site with the schema architecture. This implementation will not only help you get higher SEO rankings but it also improve the overall user experience.