Top 5 Strategies for email marketing that are successfully leveraged by enterprises in 2022


Email marketing has become a very in-thing in the current times. Do you know why? Because email marketing is cost-effective, it ensures wider reach and, of course, guarantees lucrative returns. The latest development on the block is Klaviyo Email Marketing.

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Moreover, joining hands with a professional would mean bringing better strategies into play, which would ultimately help drive enhanced results from the email marketing campaign.

A “Welcome” to remember:

If you are active in the email-marketing arena, you will know that the industry average email open rate stands at about 21.33%. The open rate helps determine if your emails are doing well or not.

If you wish to take the market by storm in 2022, you must focus on writing a powerful welcome email.

How does an impactful welcome email look?

  • It reaches your audience just in time.
  • It is warm, inclusive, short, and crisp.
  • Free from a salesy tone
  • Guides on what to do next
  • Flaunts a to the point headline
  • Includes a welcome offer/discount coupon

“Value” is the word here:

You may have decided to join a fitness club. Yay! Such clubs offer a 3-day trial. You attend the trial at “2” clubs. They share all the tips and tricks related to fitness at one club. They only make tall claims at the other club but fail to offer assistance.

Which fitness club will you join? Of course, the first one. Do you know why? Because that club was successful in adding value to your life.

A similar ideology applies in the case of email marketing. Focus on value-addition, and numbers will follow.

Opt for “Hyper-Personalization”:

You must have most definitely heard about personalization. Personalization deals with customizing a message so that it feels unique and personal. Imagine your target audience is senior citizens, and the email you have sent is high in Gen Z vocabulary. Sorry to say, you have already missed the bus with personalization.

For starters, make sure you know your audience. When you do, personalization becomes easier. However, in 2022, email marketing has raised its bar, with organizations opting for hyper-personalization. Hyper personalization is a notch higher than personalization. In this case, you get to infuse a lot of relevant statistics, insights, and automation into your emails.

Once such an email reaches your audience, there is no chance that your audience will feel that this email wasn’t meant for them. Hyper personalization ensures instant connection mainly because your audience can see the effort you have put in.

Get the Feedback Rolling:

Let us understand this point from the point of view of an educational institute. Let us say a school teaches various subjects to its students. However, it fails to conduct examinations. Now the school assumes that the student understands whatever is being taught, which means the student is learning well.

In the real world, this may or may not be the case. Thus, conducting examinations becomes crucial. Examinations help the school understand how well the student understands a subject basis the performance in exams.

A similar thought practice applies in the case of email marketing. You may be sending out emails, but not knowing what your audience expects out of you is nothing different from shooting in the dark. You may argue that open rates are enough proof, but these metrics can never replace actual customer feedback. You can use surveys or polls through emails to gather feedback.

There is no end to “Experimentation”:

“Change is the only constant” is something we have heard for ages. Somehow, it becomes applicable to the world of email marketing as well.

Your emails might be doing extraordinarily well today. That is no guarantee that the performance and result would sustain. Thus, the need of the hour is to be open to experimentation.

There is plenty of scope for email marketing. Experiment to know what works for you and what does not.

Even though you may believe that email marketing is easy, we would like to disagree.

If you say email marketing is difficult, we would again like to disagree.

It isn’t easy to come to any conclusion purely because the success of email marketing depends totally on the kind of action you are taking. If you have plans to kick-start your email marketing journey, then putting the above strategies is the right place to start. Nothing like going with the tried and tested methodologies.