Should You Pressure Wash Your House Before Painting?


Many times due to shortage of time, people tend to omit washing the exterior of the home before painting. When the customers are in a hurry to paint the house, they become tempted. So by skipping the pressure wash they opt for direct painting of their house, which is a big no!

Actually, it is really very important to pressure wash your home to make sure that the painting is done evenly.

A professional and experienced Painter Brisbane would always urge the customers to pressure wash their houses, for ensuring the best possible results. By carrying out pressure washing, the painting contractors tend to satisfy their customers by bringing out an evenly and perfectly painted house.

Importance Of Pressure Washing

For removing all the debris, dust and cobwebs before painting, pressure washing is very much significant. To make sure that the new paint coat put over your house is done properly it is important to wash your house. The washing off is done to make a proper bond between the new coat of paint with the existing undercoat.

By removing all the grime, it is made sure that the new paint is put on smoothly, without being rolled over the existing gunk. Some houses tend to have mildew in their sides. The mildew can be washed off only with bleach. The bleaching solution of a Commercial Painter Brisbane would help you to eliminate all the mildew deposited in the exterior of your house. Thus, it will help you get a much cleaner house.

There are several benefits of applying a pressure wash for cleaning your home before getting it painted. The most important one among them is its power of reaching the places where a regular bucket or garden hose cannot.

The pressure washers are able to reach those heights of the houses which are very hard to reach even with the help of a ladder. It can also get inside any crevice, which is obviously one of the places, which perhaps have never been cleaned before normally. But with the help of pressure washing you are able to clean all the mildew and dirt out of such spots which are hard to reach.

The first step of preparing your house to make it ready for paint is to remove the outer layer of the dirt. This first step can be nicely carried out by pressure washing. Besides pressure washing, the professional painters of Brisbane also carry out the scrapes and sands.

Additionally, they would also carry on with the resetting of loose nails and applying primer over the bare areas. Pressure washing also helps in patching the cracks with the help of the same plaster or molding that is used for coating the exterior walls.

Thus by putting an extra effort through prepping the exterior of your house with pressure washing, the best paint job possible can be ensured. That is why, whenever you are ready for having a fantastic paint job done for your home, make sure to carry out with the proper pressure wash.