Sharpspring Vs. Hubspot: Which One is Right for You?


The role of marketing cannot be overemphasized in the business world. The type of marketing strategy you choose will largely determine your success. It is important to research different marketing techniques and choose one that’s not only pocket-friendly but also highly effective.

Most businesses often find it difficult to decide between SharpSpring and Hubspot. But the truth is that each of these platforms has its own merits and demerits. It is up to you to closely look at each platform and decide which one best suits your situation.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a CRM

There is always an unending debate among companies as to which one is best between SharpSpring and HubSpot. Those who are not familiar with a CRM platform might wonder why others are these two platforms are important.

A CRM platform is invaluable for any company that wants to grow and expand its client base. But why is CRM software so important? First of all, CRM can help streamline the sales process of any business. The software is even more effective for small-scale companies.

The other major benefit of a CRM platform is automation. Through automation, you are able to save time by eliminating manual processes and improve customer experience.

Importance of a CRM

This is one of the major factors to consider before choosing a CRM. Try to look at your business and find out how a CRM platform will benefit from it.

Limitations of CRM Tools

There’s no doubt that having CRM software is a great idea for any business. However, it is a fact that some tools have limitations with regard to their functionality.

The Financial Aspect of CRM Tools

Many companies who are hesitant to adopt CRM tools site financial implications that come with it. That’s why some decide to build their own platforms instead of getting the service from other service providers.

Sharpspring vs Hubspot: Which one is the best?

One thing that’s obvious about SharpSpring is its ease of use. Any company that has never used CRM before will find it easy to work with SharpSpring as opposed to Hubspot.

What makes SharpSpring better than Hubspot?

  • Landing pages: With SharpSpring, you can easily create web pages that are mobile optimized
  • Sales tracking: It has personalized sales processes that promote team organization and make it easy for you to project expected revenue.
  • Email marketing:SharpSpring also allows one to send emails to lists alongside personalized single mails.
  • Website integration: Ability to track leads and monitor their behavior on your website
  • Social community management: You can schedule and share marketing content much easily
  • Chatbot: A chatbot enables personalized interactions with existing and prospective customers.

Both Hubspot andSharpSpring are great CRM platforms. Every platform has its own merits and demerits. As a business owner, it is important to understand how each of the platforms operates and choose one that will have the greatest effect on your business. SharpSpring has so far proved to be a favorite for many businesses.