Rome: Total War Remastered Review. Another legend is back in line


We will begin this story, perhaps, with a description of the reissue itself, and only then we will talk about how the project is being played today, which, by the way, has already turned 17 years old. So, the first difference from the original, of course, is the graphics. The picture, of course, has become an order of magnitude more pleasant and modern, but it still falls short of the level of current games from the F95zone. On the other hand, what has been done is already quite enough for a comfortable game. Still, the main advantage of historical strategies should not be the schedule, but the tactical depth and abundance of opportunities, and that’s all right with that.

But the picture has become much better. The models are much more elaborated, the global map is much brighter and more detailed, and all the icons were redrawn. Actually, thanks to this, it looks, if not modern, then, in any case, quite acceptable. Particularly successful were night battles with a mass of burning arrows in the air and torches from soldiers. The most advantageous tactical map looks exactly at night and, oddly enough, in the desert. There, sandstorms successfully mask soapy backdrops and the absence of objects on the map. In addition to graphics, the game, of course, added support for normal resolutions, all sorts of widescreen formats and an improved camera from the later parts of the series. Now the map can be rotated and twisted as you like, which greatly simplifies the gameplay.

In fact, there are not so many gameplay changes here. Most of them simply add some features from modern Total War that were not in the original, but which have already become mandatory for the franchise. So, now we have detailed lists of agents, armies, settlements and everything else. Both on the campaign map and in combat, you can now switch to the strategic top view using the Tab key. He will give the most schematic, but understandable information about the course of a global campaign or battle.

The most revolutionary innovation can be safely called the processing of agents. Now you can direct them to a specific point directly from this point, subsequently choosing the most suitable hero for the task. We’re still not sure if this feature is really necessary because it is often more confusing than helpful. However, this is strictly optional.

Along with the alteration of agents, another type of character was added to spies, assassins and diplomats – merchants. They are able to establish trade links between distant settlements and monopolize valuable resources scattered around the map. They also know how to fight enemy merchants, ruining them. The mechanics turned out to be quite interesting: it adds a little more depth to the strategic part.

In addition, an online encyclopedia and a news panel with all the results and events of the last moves were added to the game. Well, the latest innovation can be called a short tutorial for those who are just getting acquainted with the project. This, in fact, is the end of the gameplay changes. The most important thing is that the game HuniePop 2 works quite stably: we did not encounter practically any technical problems. In fact, Feral Interactive just brought back the good old Rome , adding a few features that have already become necessary for the series. And merchants.

In general, at times it is strongly felt that despite a rather good remaster, the game itself is very outdated in places. So, the incredibly conventional system of dividing the Republic into the houses of the Senate, Julius, Brutus and Scipio with its territory and borders looks rather clumsy today. Many familiar mechanics are still missing, and some of those that are much more successfully implemented in the same Rome 2 . And this is, in fact, the main question: why even play Rome: Remastered today , when you can install a more beautiful, an order of magnitude more historical and deeper Rome 2 ?

Personally, we would answer it as follows: firstly, the game puts a lot of pressure on the nostalgic feelings, if you’ve ever played the original. Music, attempts to master the same notorious Parthian mission of General Crassus, familiar alignment and familiar factions are doing their job – pleasant moments of memories of the glorious days of the past are guaranteed.

Secondly, Rome: Remastered comes with two great additions: about the conquests of Alexander the Great and the Great Migration of Nations associated with the arrival of the Huns. And if the latter can be carefully studied in TW: Attila , then Alexander’s campaign is still unique to the series. She’s really hardcore but cool. As for Barbarian Invasion , it is not without surprises: here you can play out interesting scenarios about the resettlement of the Slavs or imagine what it would be like if the legendary King Arthur really existed and if he were a Roman officer.

Thirdly, Rome allows itself some pretty evil jokes, which are practically not found in modern games like Shadow Blade 5e. For example, the tip on one of the loading screens reminds you that playing the lyre is not the best way to put out fires. Or, let’s say, after each victory we are offered to “Kill the enemies as senseless animals, which they are”.