Get yourself fit and slim with the Proana Diet Plan


You will be amazed to know, as per a survey report, half of the adults in America are trying to lose weight. About 50% of Americans are already following a specific diet to cut out extra fat in 2020. The percentage might surprise you, but you can’t deny that Americans are more obsessed with junk food like pizzas, fries, burgers.

All these junk foods are the reason that deposits fat inside the body and ultimately the growth in the body weight. To cut down the extra fat, Americans do follow several diet plans as per their comfort. But, most of the people in the US have shown an interest in the proana weight loss diet plan.

Now, you will be anxious to know what this diet plan is. Pro Ana is inspired by an eating disorder named Pro Anorexia, in which people start eating less to avoid hunger. This diet plan is highly beneficial in cutting out excess fat and enhances the weight loss process. In short, eat less but eat nutritiously to keep fit and slim.

How To Follow a Proana Diet Plan?

If you want to lose around 25-30 pounds in a month, then this proana diet plan is gonna do wonders for you. Generally, to kick start your diet routine, have a proper plan in your head. First, start with a three-week plan. So, in these three weeks, the important points that need to be noted are as follows:

  • Take fewer calories
  • Burn calories more than you take in.
  • Try to intake fewer carbs or avoid taking carbs regularly.
  • Burning of calories will require more workout sessions. So follow a regular workout routine.
  • Extra supplementary products should be taken along with the food.
  • Fasting should be done more frequently but not continuously.

So, how will you spend these three weeks? Follow the below-mentioned things and start your diet routine.

Week 1:

  1. Initially, the calorie intake will be reduced slowly. So, for the first three days, try to take just 700 calories per day.
  2. This calorie intake should be reduced by 200 for the next three days which means the calorie intake for the next three days will be 500 calories only.
  3. What will be on the seventh day? These six days will be followed by a fruit fast.

Week 2:

  1. After the first week, limit your calorie intake completely to 500 calories per day. This amount of calories should be taken throughout the second week.
  2. Most importantly, follow the same meal plan all through the week.

Week 3:

  1. Last and the final week of the diet plan. In the third week, the calorie intake will be reduced to a minimum per day. This means you will have fruit fast the whole week.

A Brief on Pro Tip For ProAna Diet Plan

All these diet plans should be followed by a proper exercising routine to enhance the weight loss process.

List Of Pro Anorexia Tips For Beginners

Starting any diet plan is easy but sticking to it throughout the period is difficult. So, here are some pro anorexia tips for beginners that will help them to stay focused to achieve their goals.

1. Set A Goal :

Setting up a goal keeps us motivated. So fix a target weight first before starting the dieting process.

2. Drink Water:

Every diet plan needs enough intake of water. Always keep the body hydrated by taking a few ounces at a time.

3. Follow Your Diet Strictly:

Never break your diet at any point as it will ruin the whole process. Stick to it strictly for better action.

4. Sleep More:

Sleeping more will reduce the urge for food. And a sound sleep will also help you to stay healthy as well.

5. Keep Yourself Distracted

Keep your focus away from food. This thing will help you not to have the desire to eat more. So, staying busy most of the time is a great option.

6. Track Your Calorie Intake

Have an eye on the calorie intake daily. If possible note it down to reduce the intake if the amount goes high someday.

7. Eat Alone

Eating alone will help to maintain your diet properly. Unless there is a high chance you will ruin your diet plan.


The anorexic diet plan to lose weight fast is a well-proven and adapted plan by the residents of the USA. If you are a beginner or want to lose weight quickly, then opt for this plan today itself.

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