How to solve the [pii_email_a4a6c0b153e7e777ecc3] Outlook problem?


If you are facing a problem with outlook then this article will help you to solve the most common error message of Outlook. The error [pii_email_a4a6c0b153e7e777ecc3] occurs when the software is not able to read the files. You have to fix the issue by updating the outlook files. The issue could be part of the corrupt file. When you replace the non-function files with the new file, the problem will be solved.

Why the system is getting [pii_email_a4a6c0b153e7e777ecc3] error message?

You will notice the error message occurs when you try to access the Outlook application. The Outlook error would stop the essential process and you will not be able to access the email account. First, you have to fix the problem then only you will be granted access to this email service.

Here is the list of the common reason why you are getting the error message [pii_email_a4a6c0b153e7e777ecc3] on your computer screen.

1) Corrupt files of Outlook are one of the reasons why the outlook is not performing as normal. The corrupt file would restrict the access of the email service. As you start accessing the software, you will be able to see the error message prompted on the screen repeatedly.

2) Viruses in the application may also restrict the outlook to perform the normal process. The malware and spyware try to penetrate the security system of the outlook. To prevent these viruses, the outlook application stops user access and you will not be able to use the software.

3) Conflict between other email software. The outlook runs the background process which may conflict with other email services running on the system. When you try to access the essential files, the outlook will halt the background process. You will not be able to access the email service.

4) Accessing two outlook account on the same computer may also restrict outlook access. When you try to connect to the outlook with the two different accounts, the outlook would stop the process and prevent the users from accessing the email service. It does this to protect the confidential data of the users.

5) System restriction to the software could be the reason why the outlook is blocked on the system. The majority of the time the firewall restriction could result in a problem with the outlook and its essential files.

How to fix the [pii_email_a4a6c0b153e7e777ecc3] error code?

The solution to fix the [pii_email_a4a6c0b153e7e777ecc3] error code is easy. Apply the given suggestion and the issue will be resolved.

1) Update the Software:

The software update generally solves any problem related to corrupt files. When you run the outlook application, the software offers the best support to the system and you will be able to send and receive messages without any trouble.

The new version of the software would solve the problem instantly. Check for the update for the software and upgrade it to the new version.

2) Replace the corrupt files:

There will be an issue with the files. The Outlook file may get corrupted due to several reasons. The most common reason is the virus. When a virus affects the files, it will not work as normal.

Get the new file downloaded from the web. The official website of Microsoft outlook would have the files listed on the web for download. You can choose the files and get them downloaded on the system. Replace the corrupt file with the new file and you will be able to access the outlook software again.

3) Stop using multiple accounts:

If you are logged in to outlook with multiple accounts on the same computer, log out from the account. Use only a single account at the time. The conflict between two outlook account on the same computer leads to error while operating the software. Once you log out, clean the cache files before you log in again. If possible restart the computer to allow the setting to take place.

4) Clean the Cache:

The old cache files may cause an issue with Outlook. Cleaning the old cache files would make the software run smoothly. The cleaning procedure would be done through a third-party application that would remove all the old files.

You will instantly get access to the outlook without any trouble. When cleaning the file, ensure that you close the outlook software. Else some of the cache files will remain intact and the error will persist.

5) Uninstall Outlook:

Uninstall and install the outlook back as normal. When you are installing the outlook, ensure that you have internet connectivity. The application would need high-speed internet to download and process the files. The installation process would remove any corrupt files from the system. When you install the outlook again, the new files will be generated. Any issue with the outlook will be fixed.

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