How to fix [pii_email_7d44696b9b5464c84cdd] error message code?


The error message [pii_email_7d44696b9b5464c84cdd] is part of the Microsoft Outlook email service. The Microsoft email service offers a wide range of services to users. Since the beginning of the Outlook development, the application has gone through various upgrades.

However, there will be some issues that may appear once in a while which will halt the entire application. You will not be able to access the email service during the trouble. You have to fix the [pii_email_7d44696b9b5464c84cdd] error code before you start using the application again.

What cause the error message [pii_email_7d44696b9b5464c84cdd] in the Outlook?

There are several reasons why the outlook may not perform as normal when there is a problem with the essential files. The outlook is a complex application.

It runs several files simultaneously in the background to give you a seamless experience of sending and receiving emails. A single conflict in the file could lead to a breakdown in the application.

Here are some of the common issues identified in the Outlook software that prevent the application from running smoothly.

1) Use of multiple accounts on a single computer could lead to the error. When you use multiple accounts, there is a possibility that the two accounts conflict with each other and produce an error message.

The error [pii_email_7d44696b9b5464c84cdd] is prompted on the screen when Outlook software not able to connect with the correct email id with the given login credentials. As a result, Outlook would break the connection and the error message will be depicted to the user.

2) Corrupt Outlook files could be one of the reasons why Outlook not able to read the essential information. When the file is corrupted, Outlook would not be able to communicate with its background process.

When it detects trouble with the vital files, the Outlook application will restrict access to the account thinking there is an important file is missing. The error would be presented to the screen for the user to identify the problem.

3) Conflict between another email service providers. Sometimes users install more than one email software on the same computer. Both email service software would be using the POP port to send and receive email.

When there is entanglement between the two settings of the email service, Outlook finds it difficult to communicate using the POP port which is essential for sending and receiving emails.

When it is not able to resolve the issue by itself, Outlook produces the error message on the screen. Also, it will prevent the user from accessing the Outlook account for security reasons.

How to solve the [pii_email_7d44696b9b5464c84cdd] Outlook error?

Solving the Outlook error [pii_email_7d44696b9b5464c84cdd] code is quite easy. Follow the below-given guidelines to solve the issue.

1) Clean the backup cookies:

Cleaning cache and cookies would remove the temporary files used by the Outlook application. The corrupt file could restrict the access of the Outlook application. Cleaning the backup files, temporary cache files would solve the problem and you will be able to access Outlook again.

2) Internet Connectivity:

Check the internet connectivity for full access to the service. When there is a problem with the internet, Outlook would restrict the process and stop the essential features. You will not be able to access the Outlook email account during this period. Before you make any changes to the computer setting, ensure that the computer is connected to the internet service.

3) Windows Auto Troubleshooter tool:

Windows has given the advanced solution to fix the problem of the operating system and the Microsoft product using the windows auto troubleshooting tool. The tool enables the user to scan any application to detect the problem and fix the error with an exiting library. The application does a great job in fixing the most common issue found in Microsoft products without needing you to manually apply the solution.

4) Uninstall and reinstalled the Microsoft program:

When you uninstall the Microsoft program, the application will start removing all the files from the computer. It will stop the background process and clear all the cache files related to the application. Later installation of the new Outlook software version will build the new cache file.

Any error related to the Outlook software will be removed during the un-installation process and you will be able to use the Outlook email service as normal.

The given method will solve the [pii_email_7d44696b9b5464c84cdd] error message. You can try login into your Outlook account and most probably the issue might have disappeared. If none of the given solutions fix the problem then post your query on the Microsoft Outlook support system to get feedback from the customer support team of Outlook. They will help you to identify the problem and fix the issue with a permanent solution.

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