How to fix [pii_email_441ab633e037aadb52c0] Outlook email error?


Microsoft Outlook has given us the tool to communicate efficiently with people all around the world. The advanced email service offers a wide range of features to interact, send and receive messages with the click of the button. Media sharing, doc file exchange, business communication, and cloud storage are some of the essential features are offered in the Outlook email services for free of cost.

Outlook is a widely used email service in the world. The Outlook has gone through several upgrades since its beginning. And it has reached the point where a more complex process is used to interact with the user inputs. New upgrades have made applications more advance. When any of the files go missing or face system restriction, it may produce an error message such as [pii_email_441ab633e037aadb52c0].

Outlook majorly works on the high-security application to protect the user’s data. Problem with the background process makes the tool vulnerable to hacking and data leakage. To prevent data loss, the outlook restricts access to the email service until the issue is resolved. The error message [pii_email_441ab633e037aadb52c0] is one of the restrictions applied to the software when essential files are not working as normal.

What are the reasons behind the error message [pii_email_441ab633e037aadb52c0]?

The error could occur due to several reasons. Here we have disclosed some of the common issues with Outlook that produces the error while using it.

  • When the outlook not able to develop the new cache files or cookies, it uses the old files. In some cases, the files will be corrupted and you will not be able to access the outlook features.
  • When you try to install Microsoft Outlook, if there is a network issue during the installation, some files would go missing and the installation would not be complete.
  • The new version of outlook that is not installed on your computer could result in an error while using the Outlook email service. Check for the latest update and install the new Outlook version.
  • If you are not able to identify the error message, then use the Microsoft support center. The support team would help you fix the problem.
  • Conflict with the other email application installed on your computer is one of the reasons why you are not able to access outlook. Both the email service would be using the POP email which may result in the issue with processing the data.

How to fix the [pii_email_441ab633e037aadb52c0] error code?

Update the Microsoft Outlook: Before you make any changes to the software or system, the first step that you should follow is to update the Microsft Outlook application. The new version of Outlook would solve the problem and you will be able to access Outlook again as normal.

Delete cookies and cache: The old cookies and cache could be one of the reasons why the outlook behaving wired. Delete the old cookies and cache to regenerate the new files to support the application. If there was a problem with the cookies, it would be removed and you will be able to access the Outlook application without any error. The error message [pii_email_441ab633e037aadb52c0] will be disappear.

Restart the Outlook: The background process of the outlook could have trouble accessing the essential files. Restarting the outlook will reset the entire background process and new files would be created to run the application. Error message [pii_email_441ab633e037aadb52c0] may disappear from the PC when you restart the application.

The conflict between other email service providers: If you running two different email applications on your computer, then ensure that you have disabled the other application while using outlook. Both the application might have using the same process to send and receive the email. When one of the files interacts with other applications, it may cause an error.

The other email application would not be able to identify the files and it breaks the process. Remove the third-party application from your computer and restart the outlook. Pharaohs the outlook error might have gone after you remove the exiting software.


The Outlook error message [pii_email_441ab633e037aadb52c0] appears when there is a problem between the core functions of the software. Permitting the outlook would solve the problem. Any background process would be reset and you will be able to run the outlook without any trouble.

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