How to solve [pii_email_13300b0737cfd2a20e53] error code?


The [pii_email_13300b0737cfd2a20e53] can be solving using the given method. The error occurs when there is a problem with the Outlook email software. The non-functional file caused the process to halt temporarily and report the message to the user.

Mostly, the error is promoted to the screen when you try to login into the Outlook mail account. Until the error is resolved, the mail service will be restricted . However, you do not have to worry about your messages. They are safe on the server. As soon as you resolve the issue, you will be able to read the emails again.

If by any chance accessing your email is urgent, then use the Outlook web platform to log in to your outlook account. All the emails that you receive to your desktop Outlook software are available on the web Outlook as well. You can complete your work using the web platform until the error gets resolve on the desktop application.

Guide to solve the [pii_email_13300b0737cfd2a20e53] Outlook mail error code

Follow the step-by-step guide to fix the [pii_email_13300b0737cfd2a20e53] error code and gain access back to your email account.

  1. Clean the cache and cookies from the desktop. Use the third-party cache cleaner such as CCleaner to remove all the old cache files and browser cookies from your computer. Cache file becomes outdated when they are kept very long period causing a problem with the modern software function.
  2. If you are using the browser-based Outlook mail service, then ensure that there is no other script or extension installed in the browser that may conflict with the outlook email service. There is a possibility that the background script may restrict some of the essential features of the outlook causing it to crash with the [pii_email_13300b0737cfd2a20e53] error message.
  3. Reinstall the desktop outlook software again. First, remove the software from the computer, and reinstall the latest version of it. Old files will be removed from your desktop giving the software free space to install the updated files.
  4. Do not signup multiple accounts on the same computer. Two accounts on the same system would cause trouble in accessing the vital function that enables the application to run smoothly.
  5. Use windows troubleshooting checker to fix the outlook problem. Generally, the Windows trouble Shooting applications would detect the problem and try to fix the problem using the inbuilt library. If the application requires an update then it will automatically update the application.

What is the reason that causes the outlook produce [pii_email_13300b0737cfd2a20e53] error code?

The most common reason the corrupt file. When you are using the outlook application, there is a possibility that the files could get corrupted. In that case, you have to replace the file with the new one. Generally, the Outlook application itself detects the problem and downloads the new file automatically when you restart the application again. If the outlook is not able to do that then you may have to replace the corrupt file using the manual process. Once the file is fixed, the outlook will perform as normal.

In some cases, the error message appears on the screen when you are trying to send an email to someone. The size of the attachment could be the reason for the error message. Reduce the file size and try to send the email again. Outlook cannot handle the large size file and may show an error message while sending the file.

It is recommended that use the cloud hosting service to send heavy file through email. Upload the file on the Microsoft cloud drive and send the download link to the receiver with proper accessibility instruction.

Malware or the Virus problem could one of the reasons why you are facing the problem. Use the windows defender or any other malware scan antivirus software to scan and detect the virus on your computer.

The virus is developing to prevent easy detection and work in silence without letting the user know about their existence. It may have blocked the essential Microsoft features that notify Microsoft about the Alien application on the system. Scanning the computer would identify the problem.

The antivirus software will delete the virus and clean your PC. Once the virus is removed, Outlook would work as normal. Restart the computer after the virus is removed to delete any of the cache files stored on the computer.

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