How to Fix If Your Phone is Disconnecting Wifi Connection?


In this phase of the Covid – 19 Pandemic, the usage of wifi is increased. As most people are doing their work from home, you will always like to connect with wifi. You may have some important work and you want to connect to wifi. In fact, wifi has become an integral part of our lives nowadays.

You are doing your office work or any important work and your phone keeps losing wifi.

You want to stay connected to your home or office network and your phone keeps losing wifi.

Is that the issue peculiar to one Wifi network or all other networks as well?

How to solve the problem when your phone keeps losing wifi?

You don’t need to worry. We’ve got some solutions for you. Does your phone abruptly get disconnected from a Wifi network minutes after initiating a connection? Does this happen anytime or occasionally? Regardless of the situation, this text will facilitate your twig fix and keep your phone connected to wifi. Let’s get right into it.

Here we have given some tips and tricks whenever your phone keeps losing wifi. You can apply these tricks and stay connected to wifi.

1. Reconnecting to the Internet

Many times, honestly reinitiating connection to the Wifi community that continues losing should assist in restoring the problem. 

You can use this method to solve the problem on your Android device.

Step 1:In your phone opens the settings menu.

Step 2: Now choose the option ‘Network & Internet in the settings menu of your phone.

Step 3: Check if the device is connected to the wifi network, tap on the Wi-Fi option.

Step 4: Search for a gear icon. Check full details of the connected wifi network.

After this, select the Forget option.

Now your device will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi network. After this, the wifi network will be deleted from your phone’s memory.

Step 5: Check if your device is connected to the network with the ‘reconnecting and disconnecting’ issue. If this happens then select the option of ‘Saved networks’ in the Wi-Fi Settings menu.

Step 6: Now you have to choose the network with which you want to get connected. For this select the name by tapping on that wifi network.

Step 7: Tap the Forget icon.

It will erase the network from your device’s memory. Now you have to reconnect to the network. For this type the network’s credentials. Type the password if the network has one. If the ‘disconnection and reconnection’ issue persists, then try the following tips and tricks.


Usually, when there are multiple available networks within the range of your phone, the Android OS tries to attach to the network with the most effective signal strength. this is often a superb feature. One downside is that within the process of finding and switching to the most effective network, your device’s Wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.


Some apps facilitate you’re getting the most effective out of Wifi networks on your Android device but sometimes affect its functionality. Some samples of these apps are VPNs and Wifi Prioritizing apps. If any of such apps might cause network interference on your device, temporarily disabling or turning it/off could help when your phone keeps losing wifi.

If you have got an antivirus app installed and active on your device, you ought to disable it or turn it off and see if it fixes the Wifi disconnection and reconnection issues. This worked for a few Android users.


To solve the issue of the phone disconnecting the wifi network, you can reset your Android smartphone’s network settings. Refresh your phone’s wifi network settings and cellular network settings. 

Along with you will also have to reset the settings related to VPN configurations and Bluetooth settings. 

In many cases, it solves the problem.


It is public knowledge that restarting your phone (or any device at all) helps fix some issues it might be facing. This age-long troubleshooting technique could also fix issues with Android Wifi that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Just press and hold your phone’s power button. 

Some options will display and select the restart option. It’s really a very helpful technique whenever your phone keeps losing wifi.


You also want to make sure that your phone isn’t blocked from accessing the network. Because if it’s, that might be the key reason why your device can’t stay hooked to the network. If you’ve got access to the router’s admin panel/dashboard, unblock your device if it’s been blacklisted or blocked. To do this you must have access to the router’s admin panel. If you don’t have access, in that case, you should contact the person who has access to the router’s admin panel.


If your device isn’t blocked or blacklisted from the router, confirm it (read: the router) is functioning properly. Typically, restarting a router fixes some connectivity issues; you would possibly want to undertake that. After you restart the device, reconnect your phone to the wifi network. Now check if it has lost wifi connection again.

For Android User when your phone keeps losing wifi

The trick can vary on Android since some phones have different menus than others, but you wish to undertake to follow these steps. Samsung phones have an inbuilt function called “smart network switch,”. 

This function is very helpful. It is meant to forestall your phone from connecting to poor Wifi. Sometimes it may be a bit wonky.

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Open Connections

Step 3: Tap Wifi

Step 4: Select Advanced

Step 5: Turn off “Smart network switch”

Step 6: Or, like an iPhone, you’ll be able to just close up Wifi manually by dragging down from the highest of the screen on your Android phone and tapping the Wifi icon.

Almost when I do that I find that I’ve got a cellular connection again and that I can revisit using maps, surfing the internet, or being attentive to Spotify. Give it a try if you’ve ever had the problem of losing wifi.

For iPhone User when your phone keeps losing wifi

What to do if you use iPhone and wifi keeps disconnecting again and again. The steps for iPhone users are given below. These steps are very helpful to get connected to wifi.

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Select Wifi

Step 3: Scroll to the underside and switch on ‘Ask to affix Networks.

So, this will force your iPhone to provide you with a warning if it’s visiting a Wifi network first. you’ll be able to also simply swipe down from the highest of an iPhone X (or up from the underside on the other iPhone) and switch off Wifi manually.

Advantage of Wifi

Why do we use wifi? What are the advantages of using wifi? Following are the advantages of Wifi. Have a look at them

1. Convenience

Wifi networks are convenient to use. Users can access network resources from any nearby location within the primary network area. In the present scenario when we use the laptop more than desktops then also wifi networks are easy to use and the most convenient way.

2. Mobility

With the emergence of public wireless networks, users can access the net even outside their normal work environment. Most chain coffee shops, as an example, offer their customers a wireless connection to the web at little or no cost.

3. Productivity

Users connected to a wireless network can maintain a virtually constant affiliation with their desired network as they move from place to position. For a business, this suggests that an employee can potentially be more productive as his or her work is often accomplished from any convenient location.


Wifi doesn’t have only advantages. Like every other thing, there are two sides to each and everything. Wifi also has some disadvantages. Here are some disadvantages of Wifi. Have a look at them.

1. Security

To combat this consideration, wireless networks may opt to utilize a number of the varied encryption technologies available. a number of the more commonly utilized encryption methods, however, are known to possess weaknesses that a fervent adversary can compromise.

2. Range

The typical range of a standard 802.11g with standard equipment is tens of meters. While sufficient for a typical home, it’ll be insufficient during a larger structure. to get additional range, repeaters or additional access points should be purchased. Costs for this stuff can add up quickly.

3. Reliability

Like any frequency transmission, wireless networking signals are subject to a large style of interference, still as complex propagation effects that are beyond the control of the network administrator.

4. Speed

Most of the time, the speed on most wireless networks is slower (1-54 Mbps) as compared to wired networks (100Mbps up to many Gbps). Sometimes, a wired network may be necessary for a specialized way.

If you have applied all these and your phone keeps losing wifi, then here is a master tip. In the event that your phone is as yet experiencing difficulty framing a dependable Wifi association, you can take a stab at choosing “Reset All Settings” all things being equal, however, note that this will delete the entirety of your saved passwords, inclination settings, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In the event that you’ve done, this and your iPhone actually can’t keep a steady association, it may very well be an ideal opportunity to contact either your ISP (who deals with your web) or Apple support. I hope you must have liked my article about phones that keep losing wifi.

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