Online Gaming Trends & Innovations


Therefore, when it comes to making money, what better way for millennials than to do it through online gaming? Click to find out about Rank Interactive and how they are revolutionizing the world of paid online gaming. Millennials are raised on a steady diet of online games. Despite the economic disruption all across the globe caused by the coronavirus, online gaming has offered an engaging distraction for people while keeping up the social interaction. In a time when social distance is reducing all sorts of business and consumer activity, data shows that online playing time and sales have elevated to an impressive figure since the lockdown started.

How online gaming is shaping the world?

The gaming industry has seen immense growth, especially given the evolution of modern consoles and accessories. The ever-growing hype around these gadgets is unprecedented and has influenced adolescent gamers. It has become more of a necessity than a hobby. There have been long debates about the impact of video gaming on society because the issues have been influencing kids and even adults to a large extent.

That said, it should be understood that online gaming is not limited to video games only. It is a part of this huge electronic, technology and internet-based gaming industry that offers interactions with other gamers virtually. The advancement in technology is one of the reasons what has promoted addiction amongst the users. The most commonly played games over the internet are action games and some studies show how too much involvement in these games can develop aggressive characteristics. Once a teenager is exposed to a large amount of violence even virtually can create a change in their psychology. Research concluded that significant exposure to these kinds of violent online games can increase the risk of oppressive behaviour because they believe in a world that is scarier and meaner. In fact, there are studies with converging evidence linking increased physical assaults and spouse abuse in people who are involved in regular online action games.

However, many experts completely negate the association of online games to rising violence. In modern warfare 2, there has been criticism stating that it is not going to cause a change in any form of adult behaviour. For kids who are less than eight years old tend to be more influenced by what they see on the television and usually mimic what is shown on a big screen, but adults who have already formed their cognitive sensibilities will not usually start acting differently because of regularly playing a certain online game.

But the biggest concern is that many online games which are rated for adults and have restricted access can get in the hands of children. For this reason, there can be some inappropriate games that might strangely exploit young minds. On the other side, some researchers suggest that online games have independent content which can help in improving the learning and cognition of young minds. These benefits are there but very limited.

Rounding all these arguments, there is one ethical question arising – that if these violent or aggressive online games have such pronounce influence on gamers of any age, should they be really developed and sold? The moral concern is definitely one of the considerations when it comes to selling anything that is for entertainment. The fine line between fantasy and reality cannot be lost in the name of addiction. Having a second life in a virtual world overruling the daily world but cannot necessarily be encouraged.

Nevertheless, some online games contribute to the possibility of improving memory, vocabulary, and interaction. Games such as Wealth Words, which is an online word game and puzzle solving game can bring a fantastic alternative to the common online action and racing games. They are engaging, informative and more interestingly help you earn passive income in your past time!

Ways to play and what to expect from the extraordinary gaming experience

Since the pandemic, the e-sports industry and the online gaming industry have seen huge growth. About 82 % of the global consumers have played video games and have watched video game content since the lockdown. This is a new league that is covering the era of social distancing. Interestingly, there is a global gaming community where people of all ages engage themselves and one similarity between all these gamers is they want to adapt the gaming experience culturally. This means they are interested in interacting with the native speakers who are aware of the cultural context and can make the player understand fully. It is not uncommon to see gamers relying on community forums for help.

Fulfilling gaming expectations

Online games are mostly competitive and in our time where trending is the buzzword, losing players to competitors is faster than ever. Poor performance, confusing interface, or excess advertising are factors that can immediately let the players delete a game. A report in 2020 showed players spend about six hours and 20 minutes per week on online games and the most notable increase has been in countries such as Germany (23%), the UK (28%), France (41%), and the US (46%). But if a game crashes too frequently the players feel disinterested and lost in the same. This is why proper technical support is vital to keep up the gaming experience.

Online gamers are passionate about their activity – just like the sportsmen. Gaming is almost like a source of identity for the gamers and most of them are highly active in the player-made forums. So, before they reach out to the technical team for assistance, chances are they have already tried solving the issue by taking help from the community forums.

  • The confidence to win big

The experience of being an online gamer is primarily in enjoying a positive experience. Many aspects of games can make the gaming experience positive, relaxing, and enjoyable including the elements of game-play offered, the storyline, solving puzzles or using word games, skill-building, and the motivating effects of winning. Imagination is sometimes the central force of video games, especially for the ones that are made for young players. Success is most definitely one of the rewarding experiences and online gaming can create this sense of accomplishment. Winning a game can make them feel they can win again and thus improve the confidence in real life too. The motivation to achieve, even when virtually in the game, results in skill development.

  • Growth and identity

Gamers have described themselves as growing not just as online players but also as people. Stressing the importance of online gaming in their lives, gamers said how everyday practice allowed them in honing life strategies, grow in technical skills, and have a better balance in both online and offline skills. It can serve as a bridge between offline and online socializing. It can help get better at conversations and develop relationships. Online gaming situations can sometimes mimic one-to-one conversation and you cannot log off! So, such self-growth can eventually better their gaming experience. The teamwork and problem-solving skills, arranging exceptions from events, haggling are some of the experiences that get better in offline situations as well from the gaming experience.

  • Skill development

Strategy and lateral thinking are two vital technical skills that gamers develop from their online gaming. In-game technical skills create a sense of leadership role not just in the game but also outside of it. Online gaming creates a chance to feel competent and develop a sense of mastery. Almost all gamers will accept that whether it is a cherished hobby or an avenue for meaning in their lives, online gaming help in creating an identity.

  • Reducing tension

The experience of playing online games, video, or other formats, by and large, create a positive feeling. It is not surprising for players to get involved in a set of online games when they are feeling under pressure or sad. These games offer respite and can relieve boredom between the stressful & mundane tasks of daily lives. After working for long hours, a decent gaming session can help relieve the strain. If you are wise enough to choose the games which offer to earn upon playing, nothing like it! Options such as Wealth Words are thus favoured by adults who can play a set of word games for money or puzzle-solving games and earn in their free time.

Despite some negatives about the excessive exposure to video games, there are many positive gaming experiences for online games. Anything to the point of obsession goes wrong but as the whole online games leave a positive experience amongst most players.

What are some of the popular trends and innovations in the space of online gaming

If you have to pick one industry that thrived during the pandemic, it’s online gaming. Keeping individuals entertained and engaged, this booming online gaming industry created a virtual ecosystem that is mutually beneficial for gamers, entrepreneurs, and developers. Satiating the lucrative appetite for earning passively through the play-and-earn games, digital gaming space proliferated in leaps and bounds. The rising use of smart phones also contributed to the growth of this industry. To keep up the trend, the following points are a must for the companies to sustain themselves-

  • Converging digital content

While competing for user attention, online games need to understand the importance of cross-platform content. Poised to become a $200+ billion market by 2022, online games should be able to converge with social media which is a key marketing channel.

  • Cloud gaming

One of the most attractive propositions for the new age gamers are they can consume content without any need to have expensive equipment. Microsoft has started testing Xcloud which is an Xbox Cloud gaming; Facebook Gaming is working on a range of mobile-native games in Android APK in their beta formats.

  • Use of Extended Reality (XR)

Extended reality (XR) technologies can create immersive experiences. With virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), cutting-edge graphics, and gameplay, players can submerge themselves in realistic visual experiences.

  • Increased use of smartphones

The State of Online Gaming 2020 report shows that the surge of mobile phones will remain the most preferred gaming handheld device, following computers, gaming consoles, and tablets. The ease of accessibility is chiefly responsible for its continued popularity.

  • Rise in e-sports

E-sports tournaments are getting popular as most of the conventional sports competitions were on hold due to the pandemic. E-sports experience is a new concept that has seen a rise of 11.7% by Feb 2020 where more than 223 million enthusiasts participated. North America, China, and South Korea have the biggest e-sports markets and with the global expansion of the audience, these events can be covered all across.

Most popular online games out

  • Players unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) – This is an extremely popular, realistic online multiplayer battle royal game. It has taken the internet by storm because of the unpredictability. It is a player versus player shooting game that gives the thrill of kind of the last man standing death match.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale – The vivid colours and an outstanding freeform building system is what make the game stand out from the rest of its genre. It offers a multiplayer mode in the online video game that needs you to create a strategic action game of survival.
  • Apex Legends – This is a free-to-play battle royal game that offers multiplayer mode game and is set in the science-fiction universe. It is also one of the top superhero-themed video games in 2020.
  • League of Legends (lol) – Another multiplayer online battle arena video game that is about a decade old but has amazing graphics, spectacular mode scene, and requires teamwork.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) – This is an objective-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game and can be played both online and offline.


Different online games help to accomplish various social skills. The crucible is to have self-regulation while playing these online games. Don’t forget to search games that pay instantly to PayPal or to directly to your bank accounts, live gaming life as your passion while earning while playing your favourite games.