Monitor losses signal while gaming: what are the reasons and how to fix it?


It’s completely frustrating when your monitor losses signal while gaming. And that time you just want to kill that PC who spoils your best game in the middle. Probably you might notice there is a power cut on your home or your area, but none of the light has gone and the device is on.

So, what’s the problem?

If your monitor losses signal while gaming without turning off the device then there could be major faults. If this is your concern, then this article explains the common problems for the loss of monitor signal and how you could resolve them.

Why Monitor losses signal while gaming?

If your computer displays no input signal message or gets totally blanked (a black window) one must try the troubleshooting options to fix it soon. But before jumping into the solutions it is important to know the causes, so you can work accordingly and resolve the no-input-signal message.

  1. If the computer is not transmitting a signal then first check your power. If the computer is turned off due to electricity then it is the cause of poor signal.
  2. Do check the cable of the monitor securely from the back of the monitor. Check the computer cable, a VGA, DVI, HDMI, or display port. Ensure the computer has not lost its wire, if it so simply fits them back and enjoys the screen.
  3. The no-input signal message occurs when the POST process is failing and the computer cannot boot properly.
  4. If the computer is overheated, the monitor loses signal and displays no input error.

How to Solve Monitor Signal Loss while gaming?

Right now, your heart is pumping fast with anger because you just want to sort out this problem in minutes, so you could get back in your game with the same spirit. Due to sudden monitor signal loss, the screen gets dark and no signal error appears on the screen.

What happened? If you check out all the devices nearby, all are working great even though the power is on. So what’s the matter? A few reasons have already been shared in the above section. So, let’s have a look at its solutions.

  1. Fix the Cable

One of the most common causes of having a “monitor losses signal while gaming” error is issued in the cable. To ensure the cable connection one must ensure a stable connection, and visually inspect the plug pins.

If the pin is severely attached, it may cause intermittent failures. Also, must check the cable signals or wires which indicate the wires should be replaced with a new monitor cable. If you are working on a laptop then probably there are chances the wear out becomes loose. Moreover, these repairs would generally require experienced technicians to fix them permanently.

  1. Check the heat

Do you know? Heat is the major killer of your electronic devices. If you are playing games for long hours, it is obvious the device heats up. Hence, it is wise to monitor the temperature of your PC and check its major components like CPU and GPU to ensure they are getting hot as you play

Many times, if the GPU gets hot this majorly causes a sudden loss in screen. So, to fix the issue one should check the GPU and clean it efficiently by adding adequate ventilation and drastic replacing of the entire GU card.

While inspecting the GPU you can easily identify the major issue and determine the solutions regarding it. However, it is easy to check its temperature. So, if you are using Windows 10 build 18963 you can monitor your CPU and GU card through the task manager.

While gaming consistently, the temperature may increase and damage the components over time. So, it is important to check its hardware and follow both inflow and outflow ventilation to throw out obstructions.

  1. Update the drivers

If you have performed both the above steps and everything seems good, then the issue might be in the software. So, the next step is to check the graphics cards typically Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD. Check if their drivers are updated, if not then update them.

Another reason you might find it in the BIOS. If there is an error in the BIOS, this will cause problems in loading screens in many conditions.

If you find the root cause is BIOS then use the caution methods securely and update the motherboard and other major components of your system. The improved BIOS system can install the changes and run your screen again.

  1. Test with alternative computers

If you are pretty confident that there is no issue of software causing No signal error then you can try and check your monitor or PC and other parts in troubleshooting efforts.

You can replace the monitor and attach it to an alternate PC. If you see the same problem exists in the alternate method too then you will have to diagnose further or call the expert.

For instance, if you see a Monitor losses signal while gaming and stops working, but their parts are working then it indicates the problem might be in your hardware.  Always remember, the issues are not only in software, so check thoroughly and find the faults.

  1. Replace the hardware components

When the test is performed and you have found issues in hardware then a pretty easy way to repair the issue is by replacing those hardware components. For example, if you find an issue with broken graphics cards then it could stop displaying the screen. And if there is a problem with drivers you could need to update them.

Likewise, if there is damage to the monitor then it cannot fix itself. So, calling the experts can help you repair the issues.

  1. Check the resolution of Monitor

Probably you are aware that the display has many resolutions. If the PC graphics card is set to display resolution, what will you see? It is more likely to have no-signal error messages.  So, you must check the settings and fix the error.

If the Monitor losses signal while gaming suddenly then it might that PC has lost resolution. So wait for 15 seconds, Windows will revert back on the screen. Also, if you have recently changed your display settings then read that setting again, there are ways you might put wrong settings.

You might know windows use a lower display by default in safe mode than normal use. Thus, it allows you to change the display settings that your monitor supports.

If you are not familiar with the settings then you should do it manually and check what’s best for your screen. You can even use a 15-second window to change the bit of trial error. If the resolution is not updated or stops working then it will revert back on the screen by default settings.

Wrapping Up

When Monitor losses signal while gaming then don’t get frustrated and start hitting on the PC. By following the above-given troubleshooting methods you can solve the issues easily. However, if you think you are not able to do then ask for an expert’s help.  Also, one should check their PC to consider whether the PC is under replacement and repair warranty or not.

One should invest in the right hardware components so you can end up with the best results.  So whenever you run into this issue check the faults and fix them.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my monitor randomly lose signal?

The monitor malfunctions are the main causes why your monitor randomly loses signal while gaming or doing other work.  Many users have reported this issue and found it occurs randomly when there is an issue in graphics.

However, no official statement has been released yet for particular reasons. Every time it occurs with different reasons, in which possible reasons are:

  • Poor video cable
  • Problem in GPU
  • Overheating
  • Using third-party graphics options
  • Display settings
  • Old drivers
  • Power outage
  • out-of-date operating system files

How to fix if the monitor losses signal while playing?

Here’s how you can fix it:

  • If the root cause is cable, try the new
  • You can buy the new monitor if nothing is working
  • Try the New GPU if the problem is outdated drivers and poor GPU

How to reset the monitor?

Here are the few steps you will need to follow:

  • On the front menu, press the menu button
  •  In the menu option, you can press the Up Arrow or Down arrow button
  • And choose the reset icon
  • Then tap on the Ok button
  • All is reset

How to fix the common LCD monitor problems?

  • Stuttering- fix the loose cable wires and replace if needed
  • If you see vertical lines on the screen, then updating the driver is the best step.
  • If your monitor stops working or stuck then look for ideal warranty replacement or repair options.
  • If you see blotches on the screen you could replace the LCD panel or get into warranty repair.
  • If your Monitor losses signal while gaming then it might not getting sufficient power. So, ensure the electricity.