Merit and Demerit of Bulletproofing Car Windows


Bulletproof car windows are seen as an extra investment to ensure the safety of the passenger. In short, it is a cautionary investment.

You may not need bulletproof windows for your car if you are not a public figure and you live near the countryside, which is comparatively quieter than cities. Also, the crime rates in the countryside tend to below.

The demand for bulletproof car windows depends entirely on the country and the crime rates of the country. So if you are an influential figure living in a country that records crime cases almost every day, you need a bulletproof car window to keep yourself safe.

Here in this article, we discuss some of the advantages of having a bulletproof car window, so keep reading.

Advantages of installing a Bulletproof Car Windows

  • Safe escort

One of the main advantages of installing bulletproof glass is that it ensures that the passenger is safely escorted. This is especially important for high profile influential clients.

If you regularly follow routes and drive through neighborhoods that are not considered to be very safe, having bulletproof glass will help you stay safe when you drive around such areas. You can then drive around without any fear of being harmed.

Sometimes when you have high profile clients flowing in, you need to send a car to pick them up from the airport. When you send a bulletproof car, it creates a very good impression on your client.

  • Protection

The key reason for installing bulletproof glass is added protection. You do not know when things might turn for the worse so it is always better to be prepared especially when you are a person of interest.

Bulletproof glasses are indestructible and cannot even be penetrated by bullets. You can travel safely and securely in a car that has bulletproof windows. The bulletproof glasses give you enough time to react and escape before the situation gets out of hand.

  • Looks the same

If you think bulletproof glasses will ruin the look of your car then you are very wrong. Like everything else bulletproof glasses have indeed come a long way and are now no different than your normal regular car windows.

No one can spot the difference between a bulletproof glass and a normal glass unless of course when you try to break it, do you realize the durability of the bulletproof glass. Now you can have both- travel in style and also have the optimum protection.

  • Very strong

Normal car windows get easily shattered if the car even gets into an accident or if someone shoots at it, but bulletproof glasses will not crack.

Bulletproof glasses are made of several layers of glass with resin in between these layers of glass, which adds to their durability. If someone attacks it then at the most, the outer layer of the glass might crack which can be easily replaced by any company that offers auto glass services.

Disadvantages of bulletproof glass

Now that we have talked about the advantages of bulletproof car windows, now let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks of installing bulletproof glass.

  • Limited protection

As the name suggests it is bulletproof glass so it is going to save you from a few hundred bullets but it will crack if it is continuously attacked with a baseball bat. It is stronger than standard glasses yes, but not strong enough to withstand repeated blows from a bat.

  • Standard sizes

Bulletproof glasses come in standard sizes which means you cannot take them to a third party and get them fixed. You need to take it to a professional or if possible to the actual manufacturer of the glass and this can be a real headache.

  • Costly

Since bulletproof glass is a specialized glass, it costs more than standard glass. Apart from the cost of the glass, the installation cost of the glasses is also something you have to consider. Only professionals can install these glasses, hence you need to spend quite a bit if you want these glasses.

How much to bulletproof a car?

 For small vehicles like your own personal car, the cost of installing a bulletproof glass can be around $5000. For bigger vehicles like trucks or buses, the cost can be around $15,000.

Apart from this you also need to pay a higher insurance cost if you have a bulletproof car.

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