Loft Extensions Cost – What Will Save Builders


When looking for more room in your house, looking up is a prudent option. Loft extension can create an extra room for a home office, gym, or family TV room. There is no limitation with what you can achieve with your loft if you are innovative.

However, financial constraints can dictate your loft conversion project unless you know the cost and how to save. If you are doing a loft conversion for the first time, we have great insights on the loft extensions cost and how to save.

How Much is Loft Extensions Cost, Roughly?

If you are from the UK, you may pay up to 30-50,000 GBP to complete this project. This rough estimate includes using professional architects, constructors, materials, and other things. The good thing is that most loft conversions are excluded from permitted construction projects, so the loft extensions cost will remain low.

But if it is a big loft conversion project that is under permitted structure, then the architect will help you make the plans and designs and draw and process the permission application as well. As such, the loft extensions cost may increase.

That said, let us dive into various ways to save money when doing a loft conversion project

How to Save When Doing a Loft Extension

If the price quoted by experts looks too high and surprises you, there are a few ways to keep it significantly down.

  • Hire an architect – It seems like an expensive idea to hire a professional architect, but it will keep the loft extensions cost in the long run. These professionals know how to how to make plans that are within your budget or give high value for money. They may offer additional services in the package such as permission applications and project supervision.
  • Manage the project – You could lower the loft extensions cost if you manage the project well. This means coordinating all service providers such as the architects, builders, and any other. The money you could use to hire a manager will go to something else such as additional features to get a high value for money.
  • Consider DIY tasks – When converting your loft, you can keep the loft extensions cost low by doing some of the tasks by yourself. Do you know you can paint, tile, or install shelves in your created loft room? This is an opportunity to showcase your creativity in construction.
  • Keep track of your finances – If you know how much you are using on a project, it is easy to make priorities and drop tasks that are costly. By tracking finances, you will definitely keep the loft extensions cost as low as possible. It is through the tracking indicators that you can find the expensive areas and make wise decisions to save money.


These are the best insights to keep the loft extensions cost low and affordable. They are easy and within what anyone can do. However, there are more than you can apply and keep the cost further down. So, research more and consult widely to make saving decisions.