Is SEO Worth in 2021 and Beyond?


As we pass through 2021, we cannot help but wonder about the worth of SEO. While numerous questions are circling in our minds about the best SEO quotes, the future of SEO jobs, and the worth of Blogger outreach services, there are many more questions that business owners deal with every year.

Given the fact that today’s online landscape has changed as businesses are integrating innovative technology in SEO and digital marketing, the short answer about the relevancy of SEO in 2021 and beyond is: YES!

As a matter of fact, the questions mentioned above have never made sense more than before with the constant updates in Google Algorithm and frequent changes in top SERPs. While the old SEO techniques don’t work anymore, the inclusion of innovative SEO and digital marketing trends has made SEO an integral part of businesses who want to survive and thrive in 2021 and beyond.

How has Google Rankings Changed in 2021?

Way before the pandemic, it wasn’t difficult for businesses to get ranked on Google as there wasn’t much competition either. As more businesses are becoming digitized and moving to the online landscape, the algorithm of Google has evolved too. Safari SEO Leeds has told us now Google has many more considerations to take into account before determining which business website to rank number one.

The two major changes that occurred in the last years are changes in Google algorithm updates and the revamping of Google’s SERPs. For instance, the Google algorithm update of Panda penalizes those websites that have poor website content quality. Panda traces all websites with poor content quality and doesn’t let them appear on top SERPs.

Is SEO Worth in 2021 and Beyond?

With numerous changes going on in Google, it is safe to state that SEO is not dead. It is the other way around. Now, you need SEO more than before while getting familiar with innovative SEO and digital marketing trends, as many of the old SEO techniques won’t work anymore.

While updates in the Google algorithm are supposed to prevent poor-quality content from ranking, the revamping of Google’s SERPs indicates that businesses have to rely on top SEO marketers with the best SEO quotes to help them compete with other businesses’ niche for more clicks and website traffic.

Since Google is more sophisticated now and smarter than before, it has evolved to distinguish high-quality website content from the low-quality and categorize poorly optimized website content as spam. With numerous tweaks and updates in Google algorithms, some of the older SEO techniques are no more applicable and useful in today’s online landscape.

That said, businesses cannot rely on educated guesses and expect them to work. Today, SEO works in direct connection with a business’s target audience and expanding brand visibility. Since AI (artificial intelligence) is taking the core place of many businesses around the globe, SEO analysts and digital marketers ensure to integrate AI, such as Chatbots, in their digital marketing and SEO strategies.

Since all businesses are the victim of Digital Darwinism, they need SEO more than before.