What are Instagram story templates and why do brands use them?


If you want to create eye-catching Instagram Stories for your brand’s Instagram page, say hello to the Instagram story templates. Instagram stories are growing on Instagram. Many businesses and influences use Instagram story templates to create branded stories that add your brand color, tone, style, and format. The niche-specific Instagram story templates make on-brand content creation very easy, so you will always stay ahead on posting stories on Instagram and growing your business. If you are wondering how to use Instagram story templates, then you are at the right place. Here in this post, you will learn what is Instagram story templates and why should brands use them?

What are Instagram story templates? 

Instagram story templates are being used by brands already. These story templates come with a professional design and complement your overall brand aesthetics. These story templates are a starting point for creating our story posts. Instagram story templates are pre-made layouts that come with editable graphics, text, animations that you can easily edit to post on your Instagram.

Using the same or similar templates, you can create on-brand stories that align with your business and make it easier to work on your Instagram account. It also saves a lot of time!  The best part is, these Instagram story templates are quick and easy to create and edit. It is okay if you do not have any designing experience.

Why should brands use Instagram story templates? 

It is important to make sure your Instagram profile looks aesthetic and that you regularly post on Instagram. It is also important for you to use some branded Instagram stories.  Since Instagram stories are continuing to grow, brands have started taking it seriously. They have started posting stories regularly by creating eye-catching designs that stand out on Instagram and stop people from swiping past your stories.

If your Instagram story design does not match your Instagram profile’s aesthetics and color scheme, you miss out on chances to increase your brand engagement and leave a long-lasting impression in the users’ minds. So if you want people to stop, notice and remember your IG stories and your brand name, using Instagram story templates is the best thing you can do.

Tips and Tricks To Create Engaging Instagram Stories 

Here in this section, we have mentioned some useful tips to create engaging and branded Instagram stories.

1 Tell a story

Engaging with the viewers’ emotions, excitement, outrage, empathy, and curiosity is the most effective way to grab the viewers’ attention. How do we do that? Storytelling.  You can start telling your followers your brand stories with mini-documentaries or stories about your daily routine at work. Get started with brainstorming your ideas and make sure you come up with an effective Instagram strategy.

2 Get Creative 

Creativity is the key. With Instagram story templates, you can create engaging and eye-catching Instagram stories. Do not forget to add creative elements like attractive fonts, stickers, GIFs, and much more. Use bold and branded colors that make your stories look creative, compelling the viewers to engage with the same.

3 Plan ahead 

Plan your stories beforehand. Do an effective and come up with strategies that work the best with your competitors. The best way to make sure your content is valuable to your audience is to give yourself time to create great stories. You can create designs for a week and schedule them for creating Instagram stories.

4 Do not forget to add a CTA

Instagram stories offer higher chances of monetization and growth. There are many ways to include a CTA in your story-

  • Can make sure of Instagram shopping.
  • If you are using Instagram stories ads, you can add CTAs like “shop more.”
  • If you have 10000+ followers or a verified account, you can add the “swipe up” link to provide valuable information.

Conclusion:- Instagram stories are growing and help to increase your brand’s engagement. Instagram story templates play an important role and offer engaging designs in significantly less time. These templates come with easy to edit graphics, text, and images.