INC Full Form: Do you know What is the full form of INC?


First thing first, the full form of INC is incorporated.

Here in this blog, we have explained the meaning of INC or incorporated.

What is the meaning of INC?

Inc full form is Incorporated. It means a company has been formed by completing all the legal formalities and procedures.

In a company, the company’s ownership is based on the kind of shares each one holds. The number of shares is usually limited to the number of shares they hold with the company. Here the shareholders are not liable for the debts. The company shareholders have limited liability, i.e., they are liable only to the extent of their investment within the corporation.

An incorporated company or corporation is a separate legal entity, i.e., it is different from the person forming the company.

The directors and officers purchase the company shares and are responsible for the running of the business.

An incorporated organization has many benefits:

  • The ownership of an incorporated company can be transferred from one party to another.
  • A company protects the owner’s assets.
  • Lower tax rates.
  • Can easily increase profits with the sale.

The other abbreviation of INC are:

  • INC‌: Increment
  • INC: Incomplete
  • INC: Indian National Congress

Now let us discuss what each abbreviation of INC means.

  • INC: Increment

Increment or INC means the amount or degree by which something changes (positively or negatively). In simple words, increment means something added, gained, or increased.

Employers use increments to increase or decrease salaries or award bonuses. Employees use these increments as a benchmark to negotiate their pay increase or starting salary with an employer.

  • INC: Incomplete

The final grade of INC means incomplete. When a student submits an assignment or any exam requirement that is not completed or does not meet the standards is marked as INC or incomplete.

  • INC: Indian National Congress

The Indian National Congress or INC is the most famous political party in India that was formed on 28th December 1885 with it’s headquarter in New Delhi. This political party dominated the Indian movement for Independence from Great Britain.

The other INC full forms are Installation Notice Card, Indian Nurse Council, Installation Notice Certificate, and much more.

You might have heard of words Inc and Ltd when we talk about incorporated companies.

Ltd and Inc Explained

Ltd means limited liability. Ltd is used for small companies which have a limited number of owners and are associated with an LLC or a corporation.

On the other hand, Inc means a company that is allowed to do business legally and is formed under the Company Act. Inc companies follow a specific business model. The people in an incorporated company include the stakeholders, directors, board members, and others. These people are not questionable for the debts.


I hope this blog helped you understand the different full forms of INC. The most used full form of Inc is Incorporated and is mainly related to a company. An incorporated company is formed after following all the necessary legal procedures.

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