How to remove oil stains from pavers?


We all love the flooring inside and outside our house, but we all face the problem of oil stains. It may be grease from the car or cooking oil from the barbecue and is likely to stain the exterior pavers. There are a few unbelievable methods to remove oil stains from pavers whether brick or driveways.

These methods will help you to get rid of the stains whether it is during the backyard get-together or leaking car grease. Consider them before calling for professional help. These techniques might help.

Tips to remove oil stains from pavers

Concrete pavers are manufactured with a material similar to the material used in driveways, walkways, or patios. Their exterior is porous where stains can be absorbed easily.

Paving stones can be replaced or removed as an option, before thinking about the replacement consider the removal of stains on pavers with certain guidelines and strategies.

Maintaining an attractive backyard patio or driveway will not be costly with this step-by-step guide on how to remove oil stains from pavers:

How to remove oil stains from pavers

The most common source of stains on pavers is the oil or grease dripping from the vehicle on a paving stone. It is mainly found on driveways, paver patios near outdoor kitchen or grills

  • Keep a few paper towels, a bucket of granular oil-absorbent material, or rags outside the kitchen or in garages.
  • In case the oil or grease deposits fresh, lightly blot without rubbing the area with the help of a paper towel or clean rag. Laundry detergent or the liquid dish soap will be proved best to remove oil stains from pavers. One can easily remove it by applying the soap directly on stains for 20 to 30 minutes, scrub it with nylon bristles, brush after 30 minutes, and rinse it with hot water.
  • In case the stains are dried up on the material the stains on the pavers need to soak up as much as possible. Leave the granular material for approximately 6 hours on the area. Brush up the material.

How to remove oil stains from brick pavers.

Brick pavers are an attractive way to enhance outdoor, used to design driveways, exterior floors, walkways, and patios in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. However, the exposure of these pavers in high traffic can become discolored and dirty.

They are made up of the combination of sand and cement, the material that is porous and absorbs whatever comes in contact with them leaving a stain behind. There are the measures you can consider removing the oil stains from the brick pavers.

Step 1

Clean the paver with the broom to remove the residue, debris, dust, or soil from the surface. Wash the bricks after sweeping the surface of the bricks with water in order to rinse the loose dirt away.

Step 2.

Mic ½ cup liquid detergent and 5 gallons (ca. 19 l) of warm water in a bucket, stir it until the formation of suds. Use a stiff-bristled scrub brush with this soapy water and apply on the bricks who have become discolored. Scrub the bricks vigorously to reduce the stain.

If the stain continues, spray liquid dishwashing soap on the spot directly and scrub it. Rinse it with cool water, the stains caused by grease or oil may require a few more applications of soap.

Step 3.

Treat the remaining stains with the bleach, combine ¾ cup chlorine bleach in 1 gallon (3.79 l) cool water. Cover the stains, blemished, and saturating bricks with the help of a sponge. Wait till the bleach sits on the surface of the brick and then scrub it with the help of an old toothbrush. Rinse it with clean water.

Step 4.

Remove the stubborn stains with the help of the distilled white vinegar or lemon juice. Soak a cloth in the liquid, put and press it against the stain for 30 minutes. Remove the cloth and pour a little amount of water to help with the scrubbing on the stain/. Rinse it properly.


We can always take help from the daily ingredients to remove the stubborn oil stains from the pavers and keep them clean and attractive. One can use these steps to remove the stains from the driveway pavers.

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