How to Hire Car Removal Services: Everything You Need to Know


About 27 million cars reach the end of their useful life cycles each year. There are a few options that you have when this happens.

You can trade it in at a dealership to get a new car. The drawback is that dealerships won’t give you anything for the car.

The alternative is to hire car removal services. They take the car away and recycle it. You’re likely to get cash out of the deal, too.

The junk car industry is full of good and bad companies. How can you make sure you hire the best junk car removal company?

Check out this guide that shows you what to look for in the best car removal services.

  1. Read Online Customer Reviews

Reputation is everything in the junk car industry. Do an online search for car removal services in your area.

Look at customer reviews. This tells you if others had a positive or negative experience with a particular company. If you see a pattern of negative reviews, skip that junk car company.

  1. Get Several Quotes

Contact several car removal companies that have positive reviews. Visit their websites and learn more about their services.

Get several quotes from companies to see how much you can get for your car. Most give you a fair quote over the phone. For example, gives you a quote in a few minutes.

Some offer online quotes. Be wary of these quotes because an online program might give you a high dollar amount. When the company comes to pick up the car, the amount of money is much lower.

  1. Free Towing Services

When you hire car removal services, free towing should be part of the deal. Check to see if there are fees to tow your vehicle.

There might be additional fees if you have a truck or you’re far from the junk car removal company.

  1. Get Documentation

Before you scrap your car, get your personal belongings out. Junk car companies want to see proof that you own the car.

Find the car title and registration. Reputable junk car companies require these documents with a form of identification.

This step reduces fraud. Without the presentation of documents, someone could steal your vehicle and scrap it saying they own the car.

  1. Learn the Recycling Process

Part of the reason why it’s best to hire car removal services is the environmental impact of recycling your car.

Most car removal services claim that they’re environmentally friendly because they recycle. Their recycling processes might tell a completely different story.

Find out how they recycle batteries and toxic substances that are in the car. You don’t want oils and car fluids to seep into the ground.

How to Hire Car Removal Services

You do have to proceed with caution when you hire car removal services. This guide showed you how to narrow down your options to find the best company in your area.

Now that you have the knowledge to junk your car, check out the Automobile section of this site for tips to buy a new one.