How to grow taller at 19?- Tips and tricks!


Are you anxious to know whether you can increase the height after 19 or not? Height plays a vital part in ensuring better professional and personal relationships. So, how to get taller at 19? Many people follow a myth that there is no scope of growing height after 18! However, if your genes allow and a bit of hard work and care can help achieve a few inches of height growth.

After you reach the puberty age of 19, suddenly thought about right height strikes your mind. Then you wonder if you have the correct height or not. A good height depends on several physiological factors that include diet, exercise, daily routine, and genes.

Secret tips for how to get taller at 19

Your leg bones such as fibula, femur, and tibia lead to elongation even after 19 years. Be it, boys or girls, it is crucial to increase the height at the right age. The Human Growth Hormone affects human height and also stimulates overall physical health. Do you wish to unleash the secret tips on how to grow taller at 19?

Diet for getting taller after 19

Consuming the right nutritional value is important to boost up the height and weight. Your daily proportion of vitamins, proteins, and minerals can affect bones’ elongation, leading to an increase in height. Here is the must-include diet for a good height:

  • Proteins- Protein determines the building block of your body. Include foods such as eggs, fish, meat, and beans to ensure that you avail yourself enough body proteins.
  • Calcium- Another major nutrient that can elongate your bones is calcium intake. Foods that can trigger the calcium quotient in your body are grains, cheese, sardines, yogurt, leafy vegetables, spinach, fishes, turnips, and soy-milk.
  • Vitamin D- For absorbing the calcium intake in your body, Vitamin D intake is also very important. Unless you consume adequate amounts of Vitamin D like egg yolks, salmon fishes, cereals and orange juice; it is tricky to avail desirable height growth.
  • Vitamin A- Including Vitamin A in your diet boosts the production of new cells, leading to the growth of bones. Switch to rich sources of Vitamin A like meat, eggs, poultry and other products.
  • Vitamin B- Eating foods such as potatoes, nuts, lentils, cereals, and bananas can boost Vitamin B that helps increase your height.
  • Vitamin C- When you intake vitamin C in the right proportion, it can fight infections and accelerate blood circulation. This, on the whole, leads to height gain.
  • Other salts and minerals- Incorporating several other salts and minerals in your meal can also increase the height growth mechanism. Including fluoride, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, iodine, and manganese can also boost your body’s growth mechanism.

Popular exercises for how to grow taller at 19!

There are many exercises that you can do after 19 to increase your height. It consists of hands and leg exercises, yoga, stretching and other free hand exercises.

Let’s sneak over the popular exercises that can aid in height growth.

  • Bridge
  • Leg stretches
  • Forward Fold
  • Yogasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Padahastasana
  • Ardhachakrasana
  • Rope Jumping
  • Swimming
  • Bar Hanging
  • Running
  • Lifestyle changes

Other tips for a better height growth

Avoid weights- Right type of exercise also plays a major role in boosting the height and leading to a better growth regime. Hence, you need to avoid weight training to abstain from its negative effects. If you are worried about how to get taller at 19, avoid doing weight training.

Retain right body weight- Over-weight or an obese body can have a negative effect on your body. For availing the best growth of height, you need to cut down on fats and secure a correct weight that ensures a healthy body.

Do not stress out for achieving more height!

Exercises and diet can help you on how to grow taller at 19. But it is also crucial to not strain yourself for that. Keep in mind that some things stay under the control of hormones and genetics. If you do not listen to your genes, it can overexert you or also lead to depression! Stay happy for better overall growth!