How to Get WiFi in an RV


Traveling in an RV is addicting. Many people buy RVs for the occasional weekend excursion, or even to take off for a week or two of vacation in the great outdoors.

But the more time you spend camping and enjoying what nature has to offer, the more you want to get back out there. And this has led a million Americans to leave their homes to pursue RV life full time.

With the rise in remote work, you can truly be anywhere. Wondering how to get wifi in an RV, so you can make full-time travel a reality?

After all, you’ll be in some pretty remote locations most of the time. If you need help getting wifi in an RV, then read our guide below to learn how to make living in an RV possible.

Choose a Campground With Public Wifi

The easiest way to get wifi in an RV is to choose a campground that offers a public wifi network. While many won’t, particularly national or state parks, lots of private campgrounds will offer wifi.

Check out for a full-service RV park with free public wifi.

Yes, you pay a bit more per night to stay at a campground with wifi and other amenities. But having an internet connection is vital if you’re hitting the open road for more than a couple of days at a time.

Mobile Hotspot

If you need wifi in a pinch to connect your computer or another device to the web, then using your mobile phone as a portable hotspot is an option. Since your phone can still get signals in many locations, you can let your computer leverage that data connection.

This is usually suitable for light applications like checking email or social media or researching maps and travel plans. But it’s not meant to handle streaming, downloading, uploading, and most forms of remote work.

The benefit is that many phone plans offer unlimited data usage, helping you to get wifi without paying any extra expenses. If you don’t have an unlimited plan, however, using excess data can be costly.

Alternatively, most major network providers also offer separate mobile hotspots. These are small portable devices you can bring to your RV with a separate data plan from your smartphone.

Some require monthly contracts while others have pay-as-you-go options, which is great for occasional camping.

How to Get WiFi in an RV; Install It

Not every campground that you want to stay at will have a public wifi connection. Even if they do, it could be weak, or your particular campsite could be far away from the source of the connection.

So, your option is to install wifi in your RV. Even the best RV likely won’t come with this by default.

It can be expensive to install a permanent, satellite internet connection on your RV. But if you’re going to be working from your RV, it’s a necessary expense to ensure you’re [almost] always connected.

Get Connected and Get Going

RVs provide amazing opportunities to disconnect from it all and experience the great outdoors. But for people who never want to stop, having wifi in your RV can empower longer or permanent travels.

Now that you know how to get wifi in an RV, you can start planning your big trip.

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