How to Get a Truck Driving License in the United States


Are you thinking about becoming a truck driver? If you are, that’s a smart career move. However, if you plan to drive commercial trucks, you’ll need a special license. As you know, driving commercial vehicles is a bit different, and you’ll be on the road in a business vehicle, not your own.

Therefore, there’s a lot to learn. So, how do you begin a truck driving career? Well, take a look at the content below to learn more about how to get a truck driving license.

Meet the Minimum Requirements

Before you can get a truck driver’s license in the United States, you’ll have to meet the minimum requirements. You must be at least 21 years of age, or 18 years old to drive intrastate.

In addition to that, you are required to provide proof of identity via your social security number. Lastly, you must provide proof of state and US residency. If you meet those requirements, then you can move forward with applying for your truck driver’s license.

Submit Your CDL Application

Once you’ve met the minimum requirements, the next step is to submit your application. There is a fee for doing so, so you must pay that first. This application is much like any other paperwork necessary to get a job or enter a school.

You can’t move forward with becoming a truck driver until you follow this step.

Pass a Physical Examination

Since you’ll be driving on long roads, you have to be physically capable to do so. In order to get your truck driving license, you must pass a vision test. Also, you have to submit a completed medical examination report form and a medical examiner’s certificate form.

Pass Acknowledge Exam

Before getting approved for a CDL, you’ll be tested on a number of subjects. Once you’ve passed your exam, you’ll be given a Commercial Learning Permit (CPL).

After a minimum of two weeks, you can schedule your CDL road skills exam. Your driving abilities are tested to make sure you can handle the truck.

Once you’ve passed the road skills and driving exam, you can pay the fees necessary for you an actual CDL.

Have you received your CDL license, and you’re ready to get on the road? If so, follow the highlighted link to learn about truck driving careers.

Understanding How to Get a Truck Driving License

As you can see, the steps to becoming a truck driver are pretty cut and dry. As long as you meet the requirements and pass your test, you can become a licensed truck driver. Hopefully, this information made it easier for you to figure out your next career move.

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