Fixing of Toilet Flush button: how you can fix it easily


Are you having problems in your washroom regarding the toilet flush button? Do you want to fix it easily and with less cost? Well, if you are looking for these answers, then you just have landed on the right article as there we will discuss the cause of this problem and how to fix the toilet flush button.

In this article, we will give you some insight regarding the changing of faulty flush systems. So let’s get started.

What are the common toilet problems?

Having a faulty flush button is one of the most problems in the very household as after some time the flush system gets broken and the household members get frustrated because of the flush problem and many members even don’t know how to fix the toilet flush button. The common reasons behind this faulty flush button are:

  1. The toilet is clogged

This problem occurs when the person uses too much toilet paper and flushes in the toilet. Apart from toilet paper, some people flush articles like hair, paper, and many other things which results in the clogging of the toilet and that’s why the flush button won’t help in flushing the toilet.

  1. Faulty rubber flapper

The rubber flapper is one of the important parts of the flush system as it helps in releasing water when you flush and also helps in closing the water intake when the flush tank reaches the proper amount of water level. Sometimes, the rubber flapper gets bend or deteriorate which results in overflowing of water or improper water release.

  1. Flush button not working

As the flush is like a mechanism, sometimes because of a single problem in the mechanism the flush isn’t working. The flush button is an important part as it helps in releasing the water to flush the toilet.  So it is very important to fix it as soon as you see the problem. If your flush button is not working and you didn’t know how to fix the toilet flush button, don’t worry because we will tell you in the next heading about this in detail.

How to fix toilet flush button

If you are facing problems with your toilet flush, then it can cause a great problem as the problem can make the whole toilet system down. You can fix this problem by fixing the toilet flush button or replacing it. So let’s see the steps you need to follow to fix the problem.

  1. Turn off the water supply

If you have a flush problem and don’t know how to fix the toilet flush button then the first step you need to do is turning off the water supply so that the water flow can be stopped and you can be able to see where the problem lies in the mechanism.

  1. Open the cistern

Then remove the cistern lid and then remove the refill tube. Take the lid and place it somewhere safe as it shouldn’t get damaged. Then you need to remove the old button which is not working by removing the screw or connecting joints.

  1. Drain the water

After removing the button, you need to drain the water that is collected in the tank. The draining of water will depend on the mechanism of the tank but don’t worry because it will be an easy task for you. These are the basic steps in how to fix the toilet flush button now come the important steps.

  1. Removing the tank

For replacing the flush button, you need to detach the cistern or the flush tank. You can remove it with the help of a screwdriver and pliers by removing the nut bolts and screws. After removing it, empty the tank and close the lid of the toilet. Clean the cistern carefully and wipe all the water content.

  1. Remove the old flush valve

At the bottom side of the tank, you will see a rubber-like valve that helps in holding the holder the water in the tank. Carefully remove it and check it to see whether it’s in good condition or not.  If it’s in good condition, then you can use it in the new system too. These small steps are important in how to fix the toilet flush button as it helps in saving cost and effort.

  1. Install the new mechanism

After removing the old cistern or water tank, you need to install the new mechanism with a new valve and new parts. After installing it, you need to put back the cistern and fix it like it was by fixing the screws and nuts.

  1. Placing the new flush button

If you think that the system is good to go, then you need to put the new flush button. You just need to screw the button in the tank where the old button was and then test the button. Check whether the button works or not. After that, turn on the water supply back to continue the water flow. With the help of these steps, you will know how to fix the toilet flush button.


With the help of these steps, you can be able to fix the flush problem as many people in different countries like the UK, the USA, and many more places this problem in their daily life. If you are unable to fix it and don’t know how to fix the toilet flush button, then you can contact the experts to solve this problem.

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