How to Find the Best Dental Office near Me: A Guide


Did you know you’re supposed to go to the dentist every six months? It’s one thing to get your kids there that often, but another to take the time for you and your pearly whites.

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When you have Dental Braces , you can expect your teeth to shift in a certain way. The braces themselves are made up of several components. First, there are archwires, which are thin stainless steel or clear metal wires that attach to the brackets on each tooth. Coil springs are also used, which pull the teeth apart and restore the patient’s bite.

If you’re looking for the best dental office near me to get back on track with your oral health, then we can help. Below, we’ve created a how-to guide to finding a new dental office. So read on!

Call Your Insurance Network

Depending on the market you live in, there may be tens of dental clinics to choose from. That can feel overwhelming when you’re trying to make a shortlist to start looking into.

This tip helps with that. Of those tens of dental clinics, your insurance likely only covers a handful. The best way to find out which clinics they cover is to call the number on the back of your insurance card.

You’ll need to give the employee some of your coverage details, but then they can send you a list of covered dental providers in your area. Not only do you know their services will be covered, but now you know where to start!

Check Google

Once you have a shortlist from the insurance company, the next step is the most obvious: Google the different clinics. You’ll get an idea of their hours, where they’re located, and can read reviews. Some businesses have updated their Google My Business listing to indicate whether or not they’re taking new patients.

Remember that with online reviews, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. People are more likely to write a review if they experience an extreme: either positive or negative.

Decide How Far You’re Willing to Travel

Every busy parent knows the struggle of getting a kid out of school to take them to get dental care. Or how you never seem to block out quite enough time for yourself when it’s your turn.

Picking a dentist that’s within a five to ten-mile radius will help you get back to your daily life faster. This should help you narrow down the list your insurance gave you to two or three dental clinics.

Call for Availability

With your shortlist of dentists, it’s time to get on the phone. Sometimes finding the best dental office for you has more to do with their availability than anything else. No one wants to wait months for an appointment!

When calling and asking about their availability, you’ll also want to ask about their other services. Do they offer emergency oral care like these dentists? It’s always better to have a plan in case of an emergency.

Schedule Your Appointment

Once you’ve picked a dental office, all that’s left to do is fill out your intake paperwork and then wait for your appointment. While the clinic will likely send you a reminder text, do yourself a favor and make an alert on your phone for a few days before.

We’re all juggling more things than ever; it’s ok to need multiple reminders.

Finding the Best Dental Office Near Me

Whether this is your first dental appointment as an adult, the first one you’ve scheduled for your child, or you’re just looking for a new provider, we hope this guide helped. You now have five actionable steps to help you find the best dental office near me.

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