How to Effectively Leverage the Power of Small Business Technology


Did you know 80 percent of small businesses are not taking full advantage of technology?

Yet, small companies that are able to make the most of technology are better-placed to earn more revenues – up to 4X that of companies that aren’t using digital tools properly. So, if your business is not capitalizing on the various technology tools and systems at its disposal, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

This raises a pertinent question: how can you make the most of small business technology?

It’s true that most small businesses owners don’t have the expertise to effectively use the technology they have. Read of for expert insight on some of the steps you should take.

Acquire the Right Business Technology

Business technology has advanced rapidly. Today, there are several digital solutions available for almost every task imaginable. This is a blessing, but also a curse to most small business owners. They don’t know how to cut through the clutter and find the right technology solutions for their businesses.

Making the most of business IT starts with having the right tools for your needs. Purchasing the wrong tools will only result in productivity and financial losses.

This is a simple problem to fix. Before you start digitizing your business, bring in an expert to conduct an IT audit. They’ll establish the tools your business needs and recommend the specific ones to purchase.

Train Your Employees

While an increasing number of small businesses are investing in digital tools, most are not prioritizing updating the technical skills of their employees. Yet, a machine is only as effective as the competence of the user.

Invest in comprehensive training programs for your workers as well. Don’t just assume that the information on the manuals that come with various technology tools is enough to equip your workers with the knowledge and skills they need to use them. Practical training goes a long way.

Remember technology evolves quickly, so these training programs need to be ongoing. That’s how you’ll effectively up-skill your workers.

Update Your Technology Systems

Is your small business still stuck in the IT stone age? Most businesses are!

Legacy technology hinders your growth in many ways. It frustrates your workers, leaving them demoralized and unsatisfied.

To take advantage of technology in business, do away with the legacy systems. They might be getting the job done, but you’re missing out on the enhanced power and efficiency of new tech tools and systems.

Stop doing things manually and use the power of technology, start automating.
Still creating your paystub manually? Well it’s time for technology to take over and let you focus on your core business.

Invest in IT Management

What is IT management?

This involves the processes that go into monitoring, evaluating, optimizing, and upgrading the performance of various IT systems. Your business might have the best technology, but if it’s not optimized for a specific task, you won’t get the most out of it.

Also, IT infrastructure isn’t fail-proof. Monitoring enables you to detect faults early and fix them as needed.

There are companies that provide business technology management services. You can outsource this function to such providers.

Make the Most of Small Business Technology

Acquiring the best or latest small business technology hardware and software isn’t enough. You need to know how to make the most of your technology arsenal. This includes training your workers regularly and investing in IT management services.

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