How to Do Self-Massage at Home


There are many reasons for increased muscle tension, but activation of trigger points is by far the most common, especially in situations of increased psycho-emotional stress. Over time, this excess muscle strain can create discomfort.

Releasing TT (trigger points) on a regular basis can relieve muscle tension and dysfunction. ELLE, together with Anastasia Antoshechkina, coach of the PMP personal training studio, figured out how to properly do self-massage at home.


For those who are actively exercising, special massage equipment is suitable, like a massage gun. Here you can Buy massage Gun. It is better to massage the body before exercising so that the muscles become softer and more elastic. However, the trigger point ball can be replaced with tennis or other rigid round object. But the roller can be replaced with a trigger ball and rolled the whole body with it.

How to do self-massage at home

Pectoral muscle massage

Usually, when the pectoral muscles shorten, contract, they pull the shoulders forward. It also impairs the function of the diaphragm, so these muscles cannot be held tight. If we consider the pectoral muscles as a whole, it should be borne in mind that it is necessary to create pressure of different strengths and at different angles.

Standing in the doorway, press a tennis ball against your upper chest. Roll the ball up and down and left and right along the muscle. The same position can be done while sitting, the pressure is done with your fingers (hold the ball and press on the pectoral muscle).

Cervical spine massage

Lying on your back, legs in any position, roller under the neck, like a pillow. Turn your head in different directions.

Latissimus dorsi massage

The latissimus muscles interfere with the opening of the chest in a single complex with the pectoral muscles. Revealing this point will be especially important. The latissimus muscle stretches down to the pelvis. You need to lie on the floor sideways, turn your shoulder out and put the ball to the lower corner of the shoulder blade, lower hand on the floor, and roll the roller to the level of the armpit.

Massage of the rhomboid muscles of the back

Lie on your back with bent legs, arms behind your head, elbows directed forward, the roller is at the level of the lower corners of the shoulder blades, the pelvis is raised. Roll the roller to the level of the upper edge of the blades.

Trapezius muscle massage

Most people, to take a deep breath or raise their arms up, do not notice how unconsciously they raise their shoulders. By releasing the trapezius, we allow the shoulders to drop in a relaxed position, and this, in turn, will increase the opening of the chest.

In the doorway, you need to bend forward, place the ball on the upper trapezoid and apply pressure. One minute per side.

Standing in front of the doorway, tilt your torso forward to a position close to horizontal, a tennis ball between the wall and the shoulder line. Roll the ball along the muscle (from the neck to the shoulder joint).