How To Choose The Perfect Eyelash Extension? Read The Guide!


Haven’t we all looking for the perfect makeup look and always have stopped at the fake lashes? They look so good, but you never find the perfect ones that would suit you. But the most important thing for finding the perfect lashes is to know what your eye shape is. Lash extensions from Islashas are made of synthetic mink fiber and come in a variety of designs. You can get Hybrid lash extensions too!

You can turn your eyes dramatically with just a touch of glue, and it’s that easy. However, what isn’t easy is how you find it.

So, therefore, we have compiled a list that tells you what would suit you according to your eye shape and whether it’s in your budget or not. Harmony lashes are one such example of lashes that have a fit for every eye shape.

How do eyelashes define you?

When you stick to a makeup routine, your eyes play a definitive role when you need to give yourself a different look. Your eyes define and accentuate your whole look. Eyelashes, on the other hand, add the necessary dramatic effect to them. You could use all the kohl and liner you want, but only lashes can get you the cherry on top.

To do that, you must first know what your eye shape is and what look you are going for? Is it for a party or a formal event? Let’s see what kind of eye shapes are there and what kind of lashes you could buy for them that are reasonable for you.

Varieties of Eye shapes


These are the most common shapes and are pointed on the outer side with a wide center. Your iris usually hides between the upper and lower eyelid. These are considered the most versatile, and any lash would suit them.


Such eyes are large and a bit deeper in than socket. Your brow bone looks more prominent, and therefore deep eyes need to accentuate eyelashes that curl out. Individual eyelashes might work too that would give a nice curly finish.


There is a fold over the eyelid, so when the eyes are open, your eyelid hides in the crease. Therefore, you need long lashes that should have more length towards the center.


These are the doe-eyed shapes; therefore, a lightweight curly eyelash would be perfect for it.


These eyes lack a crease, and usually, the lashes are straight, so you must buy a multi-layered lash that would give focus to your eyes.

Tools Required

You need an adhesive that does not irritate your eyes and stays on for a longer duration and tweezers to apply the lashes. Therefore, you must go for the Eyelash extensions in Woodford that comprises a set of an eyelash, a tweezer, and an adhesive.


Probably you have decided now what eyelash extension you are going to pick. Still, if you have to decide on what brand is perfect so opt for the eyelash extension that looks natural and doesn’t create any side effects on your eyes.