How to Become a Commercial Model?


Are you unsure of what commercial modeling entails but interested in it? Commercial modeling is open to women and men of all sizes and shapes. It opens the door to a plethora of jobs, including campaigns, catalogs, television gigs, or trade shows.

The field of commercial modeling requires real looking people to portray items beautifully and sell them. The industry is highly competitive, which requires you to set your best foot forward.

What is Commercial Modeling?

Commercial modeling integrates various departments under one umbrella. It includes magazines, advertisements on television and print media, catalogs, and event campaigns. Brands need talent that resonates with their vision.

Commercial models are needed for online product shots, campaign imagery, billboards, product packaging, and TV advertisements. The importance of commercial models is felt in all industries, be it beauty, fashion, homeware, or technology.

Unlike high fashion models, commercial modeling has fewer restrictions. It embraces diversity and natural features that can connect with the audience better.

Steps to Set Your Foot in the Commercial Modeling World

Aspiring models often overlook the scope of commercial modeling as it is less glamorous than the fashion world. However, commercial modeling offers more room for growth, as it is a diverse industry with easy access. Read our essential tips to become a commercial model.

      1. Learn the prospects of commercial versatility

The accompanying restrictions of the high fashion industry are lifted, creating greater avenues for all. Decide whether you want to work as a catalog model or do campaigns, television gigs, and events. Flip through the pages of the non-fashion magazine to understand the areas of work.

      2. Find the most reliable source of representation

Do your research to locate the ideal agency for you. Finding a professional booker with adequate knowledge in the commercial modeling field will lift your stress.

Arrange a walk-in-interview through reputed agencies. You can also create a portfolio and email them your best shots.

     3. Fill up various applications

Most of the agencies come with an application form. You need to fill in all the required details to get started with the process of commercial modeling. You should make sure to fill in correctly without any errors.

      4. Create a Composite Card

Comp-cards serve as the business cards of models. Agents, managers, and directors may not always have the time for auditioning or interviewing each interested candidate. Composite cards deliver a quick brief about your qualities.

You can send your comp-card to international agencies or directors to gain global exposure. You don’t have to mail your huge portfolios every time or go for auditions. Comp-cards will help you get through the preliminary screening quickly.

Your comp-card must contain an about me part and five photos. The photos must have a proper headshot along with other versatile shots to portray your work. The back of the card should contain details like your measurements, statistics, and contact details.

    5. Acting Classes and Personality Grooming

Acting classes are equally crucial for models to boost their performance skills. It will build your confidence, ability, and job prospects. Learning the basics of auditioning will help you approach agencies better.

If you are already aware of navigating a set, it will make you look more professional. Companies are more interested in people with due knowledge and abilities.

    6. Keep trying

The key is not to limit yourself to a particular agency. You should always keep your option open to multiple agencies. Apply to numerous reputable agencies to boost your possibility of success. If an agency turns you down, you can always re-apply.

     7. Scope of Income

The earnings of a commercial model depend on job attributes. The usage of the images, target market, model’s experience, and other factors will decide the payment. Whether the image will appear Internationally, nationally, or locally will also impact your income.

If you want to get a big break or acquire significant experience, the ideal way is to engage in spec work. It will generate a paid contract accompanied by an ongoing partnership.

Final Thoughts

The commercial modeling industry is fiercely competitive. However, it also comes with endless possibilities.

Rejection is a part and of the modeling world. Your potentials may get knocked down several times for various reasons. You should keep going unless you land your big break.

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