How To Adjust Your Headlights for Better Visibility


If you’ve ever been driving late at night on a dark road, you may have struggled with visibility. When there aren’t any streetlights, you’re in the middle of nowhere or if you’re driving in rough weather conditions, the road can be much harder to see.

One way you can improve your drive and feel safer at night is to adjust your headlights for better visibility. Here are some ways to do this.

Lining Your Headlights Correctly

One tip that may help your lights brighten up a bit is to make sure they are lined up properly. First, find out about your car’s specifications for the headlight adjustments in the manual. Keep your car parked on a level space to make the adjustment. Back up from a wall and shine the lights on it to make a center axis. Mark the spot where the lights are, and then adjust headlights at 10 feet and 25 feet.

Get Specific Headlights To Benefit Your Car

If the adjustment doesn’t give you the right amount of brightness, the next thing you can try is to get a new set of brighter lights. Many cars come with basic reflector lights, which include a light bulb and a mirrored case to increase the brightness. Instead of reflector lights, you can try projector headlights that use a lens to magnify the brightness instead of a mirror.

Check With Your Dealer

Another option is to check with your dealer. If your car is newer and under warranty, you may be able to get your lights looked at and replaced if there is a sudden decrease in brightness. Use a VIN decoder to get details about what parts and accessories would work for your specific car’s make and model.

Upgrade Your Bulbs

The type of bulbs you use can also impact the effectiveness of your headlights and the brightness. Most cars today have halogen bulbs as the standard in a headlight casing. Consider upgrading to a brighter bulb, such as an LED, laser headlights or HID or high-intensity discharge lights. These bulb upgrades may make a darker road more visible, even in the rain.

Use a Headlight Restoration Kit

Dim headlights may also be the result of being dirty or worn out. Some drivers have found success by using a headlight restoration kit, which cleans out the casing and removes any debris or residue left behind from moisture or dirt. If you are planning to replace your bulb, such as a Kia Sorrento 2014 headlight bulb, take it a step further when you open up the casing and do a deep clean with a restoration kit.

Add Fog Lights or Other Accessories

The last thing you can do to adjust the brightness of your car’s headlights is add lighting accessories to your vehicle. Installing fog lamps as a secondary lighting source for your car can be a game changer for night driving.

Lighting is an essential safety component for your driving experience, especially if you do a lot of late-night driving on very dark roads. Make the adjustments to your car’s headlights or add better bulbs and accessories to brighten your ride.