How phone tracker monitor Android & iPhone devices?


Nowadays, android and iPhone devices are everywhere in the world. Therefore, people are more likely to lose android and iOS devices and data stored on them. You do have few ways to track iPhone and Android phones using a Phone tracker.

What is phone tracker App ?

Phone tracker is software that empowers you to track the live GPS location of your target device. You can also monitor and track location history and set electronic Fence around the target device electronically on the Google Map. It also provides instant alerts if the target device user has entered or leave the fence. It monitors mobile phone activities, like call logs, chat, social media, browsing history, and many more.

Phone tracking apps have made it possible to find out your lost devices, and you can retrieve the data on the mobile devices to the fullest. Furthermore, users can also monitor the activity on the advanced cell phone devices running with Android and iOS operating systems no time ever before. In this article, we will guide you on how mobile tracker apps are helpful to monitor cell phone devices.

Is it possible to track Android & iPhone?

Yes, but android and iOS operating systems are very secure, but cell phone tracker has made it possible to track cellphones. However, you need to have one of the best tracker apps for mobile phones at your disposal.

We would recommend that you need to get your hands on Spy app that provides services and multiple products to track and monitor Android and iPhones. TOS can monitor iOS phones and iPads after you jailbreak the target devices. However, phone tracker software can monitor android devices without rooting.

Why TheOneSpy phone tracker?

It is the most decorated mobile tracking app in the world.  It has the best solutions to monitor any cellphone device connected to the internet. It has a variety of users that want to set parental control on kid’s devices. You can also track business devices provided to employees.  Individuals are using cell phone tracker to find out their android and iOS cell phones.

 Mobile tracking app is also helpful for tracking someone’s phone to obtain value able information.  Users can save the data of the cellphones to the web control panel.

Phone tracker Features for Android phones:

Here are the features of a phone tracker to track android devices.

1.Real-Time location

End-users can access the web control panel of TheOneSpy phone tracker. Further, activate the GPS location tracking feature. It enables users to get the live location of their lost android phone and display it on the Maps.

2.Location history tracker

Users, like parents, and employers can track location history with the schedule. You can find out the weekly, daily, monthly location history of your target device.

3.Track location without using GPS

End users can monitor and track the location of any cell phone device secretly without using the GPS of the mobile. It can use the data of the call logs and sent and received messages on the target device to track the exact location.

4.Track location with SMS

Users can use the sent and received SMS on the target cell phone device and you can track the location of the target android device using Google Maps.

5. Surround recording

Users can access the cellphone secretly and control the Microphone and start recording the surroundings. You can record and live voice chats, sounds, and voices. Further, you can save the recorded data on the TOS web dashboard.

6. Capture screenshots

It enables users to capture screenshots on the android screen and send the images to the dashboard. Users can log in to the dashboard and watch captured screenshots.

7. Internet browsing history tracker

Users can spy on cellphone device and track browsing activities. Browsing history tracking empowers you to get information about visited websites, and bookmarked pages of websites.

8. Password cracker

Users can monitor every password applied on android home screen lock and others. Users can monitor patterns and digit passwords.

9. Social media monitoring

You can monitor the android phone’s installed social messaging apps and activity logs with the schedule. You can track Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat logs, and many more with the schedule. Users can read chats, and messages on the instant messaging app.

10. Read text messages

You can monitor text messages incoming and outgoing on android phones using text message tracking software.

11. Remote tracker

Parents and employers can control cell phone activities provided to kids and employees remotely. Users can block text messages, incoming calls, and internet access on cellphone devices.

Cell phone tracking app features for iPhone

Here are the following features that you can use on jailbreak iPhones to track and monitor activity logs.

  • WhatsApp
  • Contacts
  • SMS
  • Call logs
  • Device information
  • Installed apps
  • Notes
  • iMessages
  • Appointments

You can use cell phone tracker software features to monitor non-rooted android phones, and to track Jailbreak iOS devices using the above mentioned features.

What are the benefits of using phone tracker app on Android & iPhone?

Here are the following benefits of tracker app for android and iPhone devices.


Cell phone tracker can secretly perform its monitoring operations on the target device. It will not give any clue to target cellphone users that you are watching all the activities to the fullest. It means, it is an undetectable phone tracker and remains hidden on the target device. Users can monitor activity logs of android and iPhone sneakily.

No rooting require but the jailbreak process

You can spy on any android phone without rooting, but you need to jailbreak iPhone devices. A user does not require rooting from the 5.0 OS version to 11.0. However, you need to perform the jailbreak process on iPhones starting from 11.2 to OS version 14.3. TheOneSpy is one of the best applications for tracking cellphones of android, and iOS.

Safe and secure tracker app

Phone tracker ensures data safety and enables users to deal with the data stored on the web control panel. Users can remove the data on the dashboard and the cell phone tracker also removes data after a couple of weeks to ensure data safety and privacy.

Web-based control panel /Mobile Viewer app

The phone tracker application provides a web-based control panel to its users, and you can log in to access the data of the target phone at any point in time. Moreover, you can avoid back and forth logins to the dashboard by downloading the TOSdesk Application.


Phone tracker is one of the best products of TheOneSpy famous for setting parental control and keeps tabs of employees on android and iPhones. It empowers you to make sure the business safety and you can keep an eye on your kids online.