How long does it take for water to boil?


Various curious things are in surroundings that one cannot notice. Among all the things, boiling water is one of them. Have you ever thought about how long does it take for water to boil?

Initially, it is essential to know the meaning of boiling. It is a process in which liquid turns into vapor when it heats to its boiling point. Numerous factors affect the boiling point of water.

Here is a list of some factors which can affect the time to boil the water.

  • The temperature of water, stove, and pot.
  • Conductivity
  • The salinity of water composition
  • Surface Area
  • Altitude
  • Volume of pot
  • Either you cover the pot with a lid or not.

Moreover, some other aspects affect the time or How long for water to boil.

Factors that affect how long does it take for water to boil

   1. Atmospheric Pressure

The low air pressure is helpful in quickly boiling the water. It means water boils soon at high altitudes. Moreover, water takes more time to boil at low altitudes.

The boiling point is a temperature at which water commences boiling and converts from liquid to steam. It is inversely proportional to the elevation. To make it simple, the boiling point starts decreasing when the increment in elevation.

    2. Impurities

It is another essential factor that affects the time water boiling. Impurities are soluble in water. Some of these impurities work as the absorber. These absorb the heat which ought to go to the water molecules.

    3. Heat Source

The source of heat also affects the time of water boiling. The regular stove takes approximately 10-15 minutes to boil the water. The time of boiling the water relies on the type of stop you will use.

The water heater takes an estimated 4-5 minutes to boil one liter. The time also varies from one heater to another heater. Whereas microwave ovens are fast, that takes hardly 3-4 minutes for boiling water. It depends upon the level of power which you set.

    4. Quantity of energy

Undoubtedly, it takes plenty of time to boil the water in a large pot compared to a small pot. Not only this, but it also takes more energy. This is because plenty of H2O requires in the large pot.

How long for water to boil at the different altitudes?

The below-mentioned information reveals information about How long does it take for water to boil at various altitudes.

Altitude ft. (meters) Boiling Point- Fahrenheit Boiling pointCelsius
0 ft. (0 m.) 212 ◦F 100 ◦C
500 ft. (152 m.) 211 ◦F 99.5◦C
1000 ft (305 m.) 210 ◦F 99 ◦C
5000 ft (1524 m.) 202 ◦F 94.5 ◦C
5500 ft (1676 m.) 201.5 ◦F 94 ◦C

How long does it take for water to boil two cups of water?

  • The 2-kilowatt efficient water heater takes about 90 seconds to boil 2 cups of water.
  • The regular stove will take around 5 minutes to boil water. Moreover, it depends on the stove and other numerous factors.
  • The microwave takes around 5 minutes to 2 minutes to boil the aqua.

Way to calculate how long for water to boil

It is quite simple to calculate how long to boil aqua.

It takes 4.2 joules for raising the gram of water by one degree C.

If the water is at the temperature of 59 ◦F or 15 ◦C and you will have to boil 4 cups of aqua, then:

4.2*1* (100-15)= 357 s or the six minutes in a 1 Kilowatt heater. Or, in the case of a 2 kWh heater, it will take three minutes.

On the other hand, in reality, no one prefers the ideal water heaters. The result is the loss of heat and inefficiency in the conversion of power into the heat. Due to that, it takes a longer time.

Reasons for boiling the water

An individual boils the water for several uses. Here is the list of some reasons.

  • To purify the water
  • For the preparation of mouth-watering food
  • They are used as pain removal treatment.

In the end, either you have a good hand in culinary skills or not, boiling water is an easy task. You can boil the water in several ways, such as a stove, water heater, and so on.

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