How Footballers Have Influenced the Fashion Over the Time?


From the 1950s until now, apart from their performance in the field, top football players have been measured by their dress sense, which fans take pretty seriously. David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are the bastions for fashion. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say people know Beckham for his fashion sense more than his football skills. He was all the rage when he made an appearance at the Royal Wedding (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) wearing a custom-made suit by Kim Jones. I wouldn’t judge you if you are planning to wear a suit like his at a friend’s wedding!

Trend Setters from the 50s

Back in the 50s, football was the sport of the working class but footballers were considered true gentlemen. Players used to wear heavy wool jackets, trousers, and hats. Most men at that time used to smoke pipe including the late Sir Matt Busby and Jimmy Hill.

Rino Ferrario, the Italian international player was admired for his elegance off the field. Stanley Mathews set the trend of wearing smart suits and top hats as he visited Buckingham Palace to be knighted. Harry Johnston, the Black pool caption, was the one to set the trend of wearing fitted suits and pocket squares. He was also the man all other football players looked up to.

The Beckham of Today

Beckham’s tattoos and haircuts set him apart from the rest of the players. He was an icon during his era and still is.  Even today if he wears something new like khaki pants, fans immediately copy his style. I would go buy khakis too!

The Beckham of the modern world is the social media revolution’s poster boy Paul Pogba. He is a bit outlandish but very cool. Apart from his performance in the field, he is known for his risky fashion sense. This France international player has worn more than 20 eccentric hairstyles since 2016. He was chosen as a model for the Adidas PP clothing range, which was sold out in a day!

Pogba wasn’t having the best season of his career, because of which (as per my opinion) he sported a Super Saiyan blue hairstyle and immediately caught the attention of not just his fans but paparazzi worldwide. Players believe a good haircut gives them confidence. Looking good naturally makes you feel better, doesn’t it?

Today’s players want to stay relevant and cool to the game than ever before. It’s not just a matter of performance anymore, it’s also living up to the fashion expectations of fans.

Top Footballers and their Influential Fashion Sense

Let’s look at the names of the top footballers (apart from Beckham) and how they have influenced fashion over time:

1: Lionel Messi

Messi is famous for his rivalry with Ronaldo. This Argentine player is a 6 times FIFA player of the year who has inspired not just his fan but several other football players.

Did you know Messi started her career as an Adidas model? This highest-paid football player now has his own brand!

2: Paul Pogba

This swagger with his iconic hairstyle has become influential over the years. He is an Adidas ambassador with his clothing chain under this brand. He is currently doing campaigns for Givenchy and Balmain.

3: Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo needs no introduction. He has a fan base worldwide. This former Manchester United player now earns through his fashion house CR7. He has also worked with leading fashion brands such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, and others.

4: Hidetoshi Nakata

The famous football player turned fashion model, Nakata, the former Japanese international plyer has a hell of a career. He is now a model for top designers and has also ventured into the world of wines as a brand ambassador.

5: Memphis Depay

Depay didn’t really enjoy a great soccer career when playing for Manchester united. He is associated with top fashion brands like Gucci and LV.

6: Neymar

This sleek football player with his astounding skills on the pitch needs no introduction either. Neymar is 3rd highest paid footballer worldwide.

This Brazilian player exhibits his fashion sense when attending events and night-outs. He became the center of everyone’s attention after making an appearance at the Paris Fashion Week.

Fashion Sense Transcends, and There’s No Stopping That!

Footballers are definitely considered important in terms of their reach and influence at least in the fashion industry. Some believe all players are competing to be the boldest in the room. Most of their style is influenced by their peers and players.

Even the players who have retired have their influence, at least for as long as they keep making trendy appearances. In other words, the influence of football and the players has transcended geographical boundaries. In countries that love cricket, people are seen copying the hairstyles and looks of stars like Neymar, Ronaldo, and Messi. From the brands they wear to their man buns, beards, tattoos, and man bags, fans dissect everything.

To ones who are reading, I bet you have copied the style of these influential peeps, as well! Scoring a goal with their boots is not enough and today’s footballers know that well.