How Do Eco-Drive Watches Work?


Are you tired of replacing the battery on your watch? Struggling to keep up with the time as your second-hand lags and drags and skips all over the dial? It might be time for you to invest in an amazing eco-drive watch.

These light-powered watches are durable, long-lasting, and completely eco-friendly. You’ll be amazed at how efficiently and effectively they work.

If you’re not sure what eco-drive watches are, don’t panic. Here’s your guide.

What is Eco-Drive?

Eco-drive is a technology developed by the Citizen watch company. The watches are powered by energy that has been harnessed using a small solar panel that is built into the watch.

The watches use a power cell instead of a battery to keep the watch ticking, and they last for a very long time. The most amazing thing about the eco-drive technology is that it can harness almost any light to power the watch.

How Do Eco-Drive Watches Harness Energy?

The Citizen eco-drive watch has an incredibly thin layer of silicon that sits under the dial and converts energy from virtually any light source into power to move the watch’s hands. The layer of silicon works in much the same way as regular solar panels by generating power through the photovoltaic process.

This way of powering the watch means that it is charging practically round the clock as it harnesses all forms of light, not just light from the sun. Solar and light panels are often widely renowned for their ability to harness more energy than they need, helping you to store it for a later date.

How Do Eco-Drive Watches Store Energy?

Energy is stored in the eco-drive watch battery, otherwise known as the cell. The cell contains none of the potentially harmful and environmentally damaging chemicals that you’re likely to find in most regular watch batteries.

The cell is also incredibly good at storing excess power as it is far less susceptible to the effects of the charge and discharge cycle of the average watch battery.

How Long Do Eco-Drive Watches Last?

Eco-drive watches are some of the most advanced watches on the market today. They are a near life-long investment, and the average eco-drive watch will function with no problems for around 40 years.

The cells within the watch can work at nearly full capacity for around 20 years, when they will start to diminish ever so slightly. Even when it diminishes after this 20-year mark, they’re still good to run at around 80% capacity for another 20 years before they begin to wain more significantly.

Reliable and Responsible

Eco-drive watches are a breakthrough in terms of sustainable products and manufacturing. Because they use no harmful chemicals and rely purely on the power of light to power the components, they are incredibly reliable as well as being one of the most responsible purchases you’re ever likely to make.

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