Gold Chains for Men Adding a Touch of Bling


Gold chains are gender-neutral, so if you think it is only for women, reconsider your opinion. Instead, have a look at Vaibhav Jewellers’ segment dealing with the gold chain for men. One would be convinced that men must have at least one to add a touch of bling to their style.

Often, we tend to imagine gold chains with rappers. But as we turn the pages of history, we see how they have been part of men’s wardrobe hailing from royal families, landlords and the affluent. Today gold chains for men come in an array of designs, fashions and styles and designs. They match every man’s taste if he prefers to create a bold statement or keep it subtle.

If you have never worn a gold chain, you might feel a tad strange at the beginning. But once you get that perfect chain, then over time, it will become an accessory enhancing your overall ensemble. If you are a newbie, you can browse through Vaibhav’s gold chain for men segment to find the best gold chain. According to your preference, you can pick the correct width, weight, length, and style. For example, you can buy any of the 22K Plain Gold Fancy Short Chains to begin your gold chain journey. They are simple on looks and can be worn as daily wear. A classic design fits every occasion and doesn’t appear over the top.

For a gold chain pro, a few ideal choices from Vaibav’s collections can be the Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Casting Gold Gents Chain, 22K Plain Gold Handmade Chain, 22K Plain Gold Nawabi Chain or the 22K Plain Gold Indo Italian Chain. The would-be grooms can settle for something on the heavier and broader side. After all, a gold chain is a symbol of flaunting one’s riches. So shy not! If you have the confidence to pull it off, then don’t hesitate to sport eye-catching, unconventional gold chains that grab people’s attention and occupy the centre stage.

Gold chain for men is one of the more versatile types of trinkets for them. When the right piece is chosen, it can accentuate any style. It’s incredible how a piece of simple jewellery can express volumes about one’s personality.

 Do you know that you can follow a simple rule by selecting a chain according to your face’s shape? Go for longer sleek chains if you have a round face. While the V-shaped chains suit a thinner face. Short chains go well with men having pointy chins. Similarly, you needn’t stick to yellow gold for your chain. There are white and rose gold chains as well as a few ones with rhodium polish.

Couples can take cues from each other’s jewellery. Thus, if you are getting stuck with your chain’s design and style element, then find inspiration from the woman of your love’s gold earrings. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we have gold earrings models that can lend the designs to the gold chain for men. Ask for such customization, and we are happy to help you.