Different Ways to Access GoDaddy Email Account Login?


With the increasing demand of small business owners or entrepreneurs in India, Go daddy comes up with the new idea of launching a professional email solution. GoDaddy takes this step especially to favor different ventures all over the world. In this article today we are going to explain GoDaddy Email Account Login & their different access methods.

For a long time, generic emails were used to serve the purpose of sending emails like any other professional email. You can create such emails through different email platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other email provider online. Even though there are so many businesses online who are using the Gmail platform for creating their free email addresses till now. The prime reasons are it is free, you can send as many emails as you want or there is no registration required. But still, some cons do exist with using generic emails for your business which are as follows:

  • It does not make a business email stand out among the crowd.
  • No custom planned template for business emails.
  • You lose credibility by using general email for your business.
  • As a business, it will show you an unprofessional impression among others brands.
  • It does not promote your brand.

GoDaddy Launches New Professional Email Platforms

There were many reasons that GoDaddy comes with the new paid business email platform for different businesses. Now every professional business can buy their professional email in the name of their business. You can create your business email with the name of your domain or company.

The concept of general email is not new to everyone, but now you can have your own business named custom professional email. This email can help you to look more professional or credible among your customers. It is easy to access or use. You can mark your presence in everyone’s email box while contacting them.

Godaddy Login Email: What is it Or Who Can Access It?

When we think of Email, the first thing that comes up in our mind is Gmail- that’s true. We have been using the G-mail interface for such a long time that we cannot deny that it is the most convenient or easy method for sending emails online. But basically, Gmail is the free email service provider that provides you an email sending platform with different benefits.

There are other email service providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, or many more that could provide you the same service. We could also refer these email service providers through the terms MIME which is known as multipurpose internet mail extensions. These extensions are used to send documents, text, photos, or videos.

As we all know, Gmail accounts can be accessed by anyone. You need a login email id or password to open an email account. But we can’t say this is true in the case of the Godaddy account.

The main difference you definitely notice between both of the platforms is when you create a Godaddy business email, first of all, you need a business domain to sign up or register. So you can’t log in to any Godaddy account & see their email till the time you don’t have the domain.

How To Create GoDaddy Email Account Login

Creating a GoDaddy login email account can be tricky if you are new to this platform. Considering the problem, here are the few steps to create your Go daddy login email account:

Register your account through the email address you have or Facebook. Now go to the login page of the go daddy platform & try to sign in with the username or password you used to create an account.

You have to use the username or password in order to sign in to the Godaddy account.

How to Create A GoDaddy Professional Login Email

Webmail is an easy way of communication all across the globe. You can send your messages, documents, or files in no time. You need to connect to the internet & you are good to go. Till the time you don’t have an internet connection, the email remains on the server. Now let’s find out how to set up your webmail account on GoDaddy professional email platform:

Create your email account & email address by clicking on the control center of the webmail workspace.

Step 1: Signing in to the workspace control center by using Godaddy’s username or password.

Step 2: Click on create that is available at the top of the email address list.

Step 3: Select the option of email & enter the domain name & email address you choose to create for your business.

Step 4: Now enter the password you want to keep for your email & click on create.

Step 5: You will receive an email confirmation & after a few minutes your account is ready.

Different Ways To Godaddy Email Account Login

To access the GoDaddy email account, you do not need specific requirements on your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. Here are 5 different ways that you can use to sign in to your email account & read all the messages or emails in your inbox related to the domain you have linked to that account.

GoDaddy Login Email Via GoDaddy Dashboard

You can access a GoDaddy webmail account with the help of signing in to the GoDaddy account. Here are the simple steps to sign in to the GoDaddy account. Read all the steps:

Step 1: Open the browser for say Google Chrome to visit the Go Daddy website.

Step 2: Now sign in to your GoDaddy account.

Step 3: The dashboard you get access to is your “GoDaddy Account home dashboard”.

Step 4: Search for the “Email Management Option” in your GoDaddy dashboard.

Step 5: You will see a lot of emails there then look for an option named “Webmail”

Step 6: Click on the Webmail & open your account in webmail to access emails.

GoDaddy Email Login Via Web Browser

Earlier, people were using free email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Rediff, or many more for their personal as well as business purposes.

They used to open their device & type the name of their email services provider on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari, opera & internet explorer. Then we get access to our mail after providing some details online like your email id, username, or password.

GoDaddy provides you the same kind of interface but here are some steps you should follow to get access to your email account:

Step 1: Open the browser & search for GoDaddy

Step 2: Visiting the website, just log in to your account

Step 3: Find the email tool to sign in.

Step 4: Click on the email tool & fill up your login credentials of GoDaddy email account to get access.

Step 5: Credential will be the username or password of your account.

GoDaddy Email Login via Mobile Application

You can access your Go Daddy email account through the Go daddy email app. Whether you are an android or iPhone user, just simply download the app from the play store, or if you are an iPhone user, download it through Appstore.

Follow these easy steps that you can follow in order to get to your email account by using the Go Daddy application.

Step 1: Get the application from the AppStore or play store available on your mobile device.

Step 2: Install the application on your mobile.

Step 3: Search for an email management tool to get to the dashboard.

Step 4: Click on the tool icon & enter the details of your email account.

Step 5: Click on the login button to open your mail inbox.

GoDaddy Login Email Via Mobile Browser

There are many users who don’t like to keep many apps on their mobile devices to access. In that case, you can simply access your email account with your mobile browser. Here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1: Open the browser on your mobile device.

Step 2: Type the Go Daddy URL in the mobile browser.

Step 3: You will see the login option available on the website.

Step 4: Click on the option, provide your username or password to sign in to the webmail account.

Step 5: Now you can use your email account without keeping the application.

Reset Password For GoDaddy Account Email Login

Sometimes resetting the password can be a hassle on different platforms but the Go Daddy platform provides an easy way to change or reset the password. You can change your password by following the simple steps given below:

  • If you do not remember your Go Daddy account password. Don’t worry!
  • Click on the option of resetting your password.
  • Enter your Customer number or username.
  • Now fill up the captcha, & then click on the submit option.
  • After this process, you will receive a confirmation link in a few minutes to change the password on the email attached to your Go Daddy account.

Forget Your Username Or Customer Number

Do not have any idea about the Customer number?  It is one of the unique ways for showing your identity while you connect with GoDaddy. There is no need in order to sign in to the GoDaddy email account.

In case you can’t sign in to your account. You will need your Customer number to go through the process of finding your username.

So you will find your customer number in the login info section of your account after sign in. You can now contact customer support with the customer number.

Forget Username Process:

Here are the steps to retrieve the username of your GoDaddy account:

Step 1:  Search for retrieving your username page.

Step 2:  Mention the email address you have register with the account & click continue by filling the security captcha you will get.

Step 3:  Type the domain name or URL in the domain box. Here you have to provide the domain URL that is linked with that account & click continue.

Step 4:  You will receive a one-time verification PIN to your email address account.

Step 5: Enter the pin now in the authentication box provided to you & click continue. This way you will get your username as well as the customer number at the same time.

How To Delete Email Account From Workspace

Thinking of creating a new email address or deleting the old one? Yes, you can delete the old email addresses you have in your GoDaddy account. You can use the existing plan with the new email address you will create. All the emails you have received or sent with the about to delete email address get deleted from the server once you delete the email address.

  • Sign in to the Workspace Control Center Signing with the email account address or password will not help you. Go with Godaddy username & password.
  • Choose the email address you want to delete from the Godaddy account & click on the delete option.
  • Click on Ok.

What Is GoDaddy 365 Email Login?

It is a monthly subscription-based collection of Microsoft 365 apps or software for different business or government sectors. The main feature is its versatility that everybody is signing up for this subscription. You will get to use different premium updated tools or services.

You get updated Microsoft applications like Word, Powerpoint, Excel, or Outlook under one monthly subscription. You can automatically download all the software applications to your desktop & update as well when new features are available.

It provides you with all the updated versions of all the office software or applications. You get a great chance to access these applications with any device. Let’s say you start writing an article on your desktop then you can upload that document to one drive & finish the article later on whenever you feel like through the editing applications.

How To Set Up GoDaddy Email Login 365 Microsoft Account

Creating your own Godaddy 365 email login is easy now. Here are the steps you can follow to create your Microsoft dashboard & email address.

Step1: Sign in to your Godaddy account by using a username or password.

Step 2: After signing in to your GoDaddy dashboard, if it’s your first 365 email address click on the next step, or if you already have a GoDaddy 365 email address login then select the option of add user.

Step 3: Select the domain you want to attach or link with the email address account you are creating.

Step 4: Create an email address for the Microsoft 365 email login. Try not to use special characters or numbers as they are difficult to remember. Make it simple & easy to promote your business.

Step 5: When you have more than one domain to link, choose the option of Do Not Share as it will not share your files or contacts to more than one email address. If this is your first time, you will not see this option on your screen.

Step 6: Say yes to the administrator’s permission whenever you are creating a new email address for 365 Microsoft accounts or if you already have an account then do tap yes to the permissions.

Step 7: Create a unique password for your email account. Do not make similar passwords like GoDaddy account passwords. Try to make a different password. It will make your account more secure. Create a password first if you already have an account.

Step 8: If you have any other email address do add that email address to send the account info option available.

Step 9: Choose the option to create & receive Microsoft 365 go daddy email account in few minutes, you will receive an email from GoDaddy to confirm your account. Tap on the link that composes your first email.

Step 10: After confirming your account add a recovery email to your account set up as well.

Change Username For My GoDaddy 365 Email Login Account

Change the username for GoDaddy 365 email login account is confusing. If you change your username then the email you received gets forwarded to your new username automatically. It will help not to miss any email update. Here are the steps you have to follow to change your username:

Step1: Sign in to your GoDaddy account with a GoDaddy username & password.

Step 2: click on the manage option next to the email address you want to delete.

Step 3: Choose edit under the account information settings.

Step 4: Enter your new username to replace the old one.

Step 5: Select Save.

If I Forget GoDaddy Email Login 365 Account Password

Want to change your password or maybe you forgot your 365 account password? Here are the few steps you have to follow from our guide in order to reset your account password.

Pro Tip: If you are an admin or just want to change your password for security purposes then try to use the Email & Office dashboards.

Step 1: Go to your GoDaddy 365 account login page.

Step 2: Select the forget your password option available under the sign-in option.

Step 3: Enter the email address associated with the account & continue

Step 4: Fill up the email address and select Continue.

Step 5: A password reset link will be sent to your email account in a few seconds.

Step 6: Open the password reset link to reset your new password. Click on the reset your password button option.

Step 7: Now you can log in to your email account with the new password.

Compare Between GoDaddy 365 Email Login & Professional Email Account

There are many benefits of using GoDaddy 365 Email Login Accounts by small or large businesses because they save a lot of time as well as all your employees get familiar with lots of applications or software. Here are the other major difference we have discussed:

All applications from one brand Microsoft

All the applications we will be provided are from one company known as Microsoft. You do not need to worry about the different interfaces you have to follow or face in order to do your work. All the new features or updates are made available to you in your email accounts. You can use these apps as long as you want.

Maintains Inter Communication

GoDaddy email login 365 accounts help in improving the overall communication or collaboration of your whole team. You do not need to install different tools or applications on your working devices to maintain collaboration. At the same time, communication will also reach a height in your company by using an application like Sharepoint or team. Balanced communication keeps a track of the work of your team. You can create custom chats or files folders in order to keep specific client-related work in one place.

Adds Extra Layer Of Professionalism

Small businesses do not look professional all the time. But maintaining some work ethics can do the drill. Using these Microsoft 365 email accounts makes your small business look more professional or full grown up. Those free web email addresses by Gmail or Hotmail making you inefficient. With 365 accounts, you can schedule your booking or work. Keeping track of invoices or making them will become easy for you.

Update Your Current CRM

Microsoft 365 keeps your external communication up to date along with data management. It elevates your client relations or manages all your leads. It keeps all the tracks of your client or analyzes all the data. You can maintain critical notes or conversations you had with your old clients.

Benefits Of Using GoDaddy Email Login Accounts

GoDaddy offers professional email accounts to their worldwide customer of around 18.5 million. Building a professional email account for your business attracts more and more customers to your brand.

Here are the key benefits of using GoDaddy professional email accounts.

Looks Unprofessional

Using your free email service providers for business information or purposes can create a bad impression of your services over professional clients. They will see your email address as temporary or unprofessional. If you have your website or domain available it is always good to purchase a professional email to make your business stand out.

Brand Promotion

Custom-designed email addresses also help in brand promotion. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur you should not use email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail because the email address they provided looks highly unprofessional or does not promote your brand on the website or visiting cards.

Generic Emails Are Hard To Remember

Email address with the unique business name or proper format gives your audience or customers a higher chance to remember your email id. A free, public, or email with numbers makes it more casual which is hard to remember. Even if you contact any brand or company the generic emails are considered spam or people do not usually revert to such emails.

Makes Your Business More Credible

While dealing with new businesses or clients, it is essential that what you say builds enough credibility among your customers. Custom-made email addresses show that you are real & serious about your brand and the services you offer. A generic email generally weakens the credibility of the business & does not help in building your business.

Customer pays for what they get

Generic email addresses can be used for general purposes only. These free webmail services are used in order to communicate with people who are not meant for your professional arena. The people who are not going to invest in your business. If you invest in the professional email then whomever you contact via the email address they will believe that they are investing or taking services from the right place.

Generic Email Does Not Stand Out

One of the major drawbacks of using free email providers’ services from the business point of view is that they are free. That is why you can not include your website name in the domain name. It makes it less convincing or ultimately people think that you are not a real business or if you do not even care about your own business then how will you make an effort to make your client’s business successful.


Using a professional Go Daddy email account or 365 professional account makes our life much easier. You can have all the Microsoft software or applications under one roof for your use. Go daddy platform provides you much more easy access or control over your email accounts as compared to other email service providers.

As we have mentioned above so many different accessing methods to Go daddy email accounts. It will be easy for you to use your email accounts from anywhere all around the world on any device.

For using GoDaddy professional email services, you have to purchase a domain from Godaddy first or then you can create your webmail or email address accounts.

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How do I log in to my GoDaddy email?

Yes, to sign in to your go daddy email account. Follow these few steps to log in to your email. Go to the Godaddy website & click on the sign-in option. Fill up all the required details like an email address or password related to your domain. Use your account by signing in.

Why is my GoDaddy account locked?

The most important reason behind getting your account locked is that you have tried too many wrong password requests in order to enter your GoDaddy account. This activity will make your login suspicious. Go daddy will lock your account & show the error of too many wrong login attempts.

How do I unlock my GoDaddy email account?

In order to unlock a specific email address, Sign in to the domain control center of the Go Daddy. Now choose the domains that you want to unlock or click the box next to them. An unlocked domain is an option you have to click on. The email addresses you choose will get unlocked.

Why is my GoDaddy email not working?

If your Go daddy email account is not working or creating problems while syncing all the emails. Update your android device, or you can reboot the complete system to get the updated version or features. This is also applicable when you are using an app on your mobile device, try to update the application so that it will start working.

Does changing nameservers affect email GoDaddy?

Yes, of course. When you change the nameservers it will affect your Go Daddy emails. The services of the web always get interrupted due to changes in servers. But you can transfer your domain without affecting emails & websites but you have to resolve DNS server issues on both sides- the old or new ones.

What happened to the GoDaddy email?

If you are currently using other email services providers like Gmail, Hotmail, or Rediff then your settings will stay the same as before. But in the GoDaddy email account, Go Daddy transfers your folders & email from the email workspace to Microsoft 365. But don’t worry, use your email as you were using it before.

Does transferring domain affect email Godaddy?

There will be no interruption in services by GoDaddy during the domain transfer. For the time being when your feel interrupted is the time when the domain gets transfer to the other platform or gets active with GoDaddy. After the transfer of the domain, update your domain with GoDaddy & restart your email services again.