What is GDI in Greek- Meaning, Usage and Sentence Examples


This article mentioned everything you need to know about the abbreviation GDI urban dictionary, its meaning, uses, and sentence examples.

What does the acronym GDI stand for in Greek life?

GDI in Urban Dictionary stands for “God Damn Independent” in Greek organizations and is mainly used for a sorority or fraternity on a college campus. This means a person will not be a part of any Greek system. This person does not pledge to follow the sorority or fraternity and is not a part of the Greek lifestyle.

“Pledging” is another Greek team that means you need to go through a recruitment process to join a sorority and fraternity. It is also known as “rushing.”

Many students are GDIs but also attend Greek events like the infamous frat party. And those who have pledged for fraternity might also criticize and judge others for not being a part of Greek life. But there are many ways to get involved in campus events and still not follow a Greek lifestyle.

Some people believe that GDI gives them the perks of both the words- no obligations from sorority and fraternity but can participate in the fun greek events.

According to the Urban dictionary, some GDIs have created a fictitious fraternity name “Gamma Delta lota,” which means that they are not in sorority or fraternity.

This means if someone asks them if they are in sorority or fraternity, that individual says “Gamma Delta lota” instead of “I am not a sorority or fraternity.”

Simple, isn’t it?

However, not everyone thinks GDI is a good thing. While some appreciate and some name the “independent” statement as “lazy” or “lame.”

Being a GDI allows people to get the best of both worlds. You get the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds and observe them and understand what it feels like to be a greek and non-greek. You can connect with people from different backgrounds. So if you are a Greek who interacts only wh Greek, you can make a GDI friend. And if you are a GDI who interacts only with GDI, you can make greek friends.

Sentence Example for GDI

Here is an example of how GDI is referred to in Greek life. Margret is a freshman in college and is mingling with a few friends at his frat party. She talks to Jane.

Jane: So what sororities are you guys in?

Margret: Well, Jenna is a Kappa, Marley is a Tri-Delt, and Hannah is an Alpha Chi Omega.

Jane: And you?

Margret: I am a GDI.


GDI in Urban Dictionary stands for Goddamn Independent. Some people choose greek, and some people choose GDI, and there is no problem with both. Do not hesitate to find out which one is you, and if you choose GDI, do not hesitate and boldly call yourself a Godamn Independent.

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