Fixing [pii_email_3f3d64e75d04364f106f] error permanently


Have you ever encountered with [pii_email_3f3d64e75d04364f106f] error while using outlook? If you are looking for ways to fix it then this article is for you.

This error usually pops up on the window of the users of the USA and other countries. As we all know that outlook is popular software for its safe transferring of emails but because of this error, many users have started to shift their interest in other apps.

Well, no need to worry because we bring you some of the solutions to permanently fix this error. So stick around.

What causes [pii_email_3f3d64e75d04364f106f] error?

If you are confused about the reason behind this error pops on your screen every time you open Microsoft Outlook, then it can be one of these reasons.

  • The software didn’t install properly.
  • Microsoft Outlook is an outdated version
  • There can be some technical issues with the connectivity with the internet.
  • You have login with different and duplicate account which hang the software
  • Some files of the Outlook got broken or corrupted which results in [pii_email_3f3d64e75d04364f106f] error coming on your screen.

These points are the reason why you are not experiencing the benefits of Microsoft Outlook completely. So if you want to fix your Microsoft Outlook and saving your data and sending an email before any tension then we got you some of the solutions which you can use to fix this technical glitch and issue.

How to fix the [pii_email_3f3d64e75d04364f106f] error?

If you want to use this software without any issues and glitches and make sure that your data remain the same and intact then there are some methods that you can use to fix [pii_email_3f3d64e75d04364f106f] error once and for all.

It will help you repair the Microsoft Outlook along with increasing the performance of the software. So let’s see some of the methods which you can use to fix the error.

  1. Download the updated version of Microsoft Outlook

First, check if there is a new updated version of Outlook is available or not. if the updated version is available then you need to update your old version of Microsoft Outlook with the help of few steps.

  • First, you need to check whether your PC or laptop is compatible with a new version or not.
  • If yes, then update the download outlook software, and don’t worry all your files will be retrieved.
  • Now you can look into your file with the help of the new version
  1. Clearing the cache and cookies

The users always forget to clear the cache and cookies of the software which then causes problems for them later on. For clearing the cache and cookies, follow these steps

  • Go to the File option of Microsoft Outlook and click on the option of ‘clear cache and cookies.
  • Once the cache and cookies are erased, all the damaged files will be gone and now you can run the software with ease.
  • Then you need to restart the application and log in again for a better experience of Microsoft Outlook.
  1. Deleting a Duplicate account

Another reason for this kind of error is putting a load of Microsoft Outlook with different accounts. If you are login with different accounts and you have duplicate accounts, then you have to remove them immediately.

Once you removed all the duplicate accounts and clear their data, you need to log in with a single and main account, then it might be a chance that the problem got fixed and the software become error-free.

  1. Using Auto Repair Tool

If the manual method is not helpful, then you can try the auto repair tool which repairs the damaged file and helps in fixing the [pii_email_3f3d64e75d04364f106f] error. To run the auto repair tool, you can follow these steps

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook application then choose file option (from the left corner of the window)
  • Now click on the account settings.
  • In the account setting, you need to select the account in which you face this issue.
  • Then click on the repair option and you will see that your account is auto repairing and fixing the error by them.
  • In the end, you will see that your account is auto repaired and the pop-up message of the bother doesn’t trouble you anymore.


With all the information, you can try and fix this [pii_email_3f3d64e75d04364f106f] error by yourself. If the error is still bothering you, then you can contact customer service for a better solution and guidance.

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