Facts to Know When Opening Your Own Auto Repair Shop


Did you know there were approximately 703,800 automotive repair technicians and mechanics in the US in 2020? Many of these skilled professionals will be employed by companies, but what if you’d like to set up your own auto repair shop?

You might dream of being your own boss, or you could be trying to increase your earning potential. Whatever your reason, finding out some vital facts to know about starting an auto repair business can significantly increase your chances of success. Having a plan also helps to keep you on the right track and moving forwards.

Let’s dive in and find out more about opening an auto repair shop.

Set Your Auto Store Up Correctly

Before opening your doors, it’s essential to check the regulations and obtain any required licenses and permits. You also need to be insured and could benefit from obtaining a garage keepers insurance quote. Ensure your premises are in good condition and that employees and visitors will be safe on your property.

Choose a Prime Location

When choosing a strategic location, there is no need to open your business in a busy city center. It may be possible to find an area where there is a smaller number of people in the vicinity but no auto repair facility. You may also want to locate your auto shop near bus or train routes to make it easier for customers to leave their vehicle with you and still have a convenient way of getting home.

Find the Right Employees and Equipment

Your employees should be enthusiastic and skilled to ensure you can provide the highest service levels. You can ask to see any relevant qualifications and ask why an applicant wants to join your company rather than another. If you can hire staff that plan to stay with your auto repair shop for an extended period, this can make it easier to establish a consistent working method.

Have a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

To attract footfall, you need to have a cost-effective marketing plan that tells potential clients about the types of services you provide. A digital advertising strategy is an excellent option as you can reach many people in a short space of time. You can also ask customers to leave reviews and to share your contact details over social media.

Apply These Facts to Know to Your Auto Repair Shop Business

Opening an auto repair business can be challenging, but it can also be extremely rewarding when you start to see results. Remember to get all your paperwork in order, rent or buy premises in a great location, and hire top-quality staff. When you apply the right facts to know to your business, you could soon build up a loyal customer base who come to your shop for all their auto repair needs.

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